Find HS Code with DHL MyGTS: A Step-by-Step Guide

2 mins
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A fundamental aspect of international trade lies in understanding the Harmonized System (HS) Code assigned to your goods. 

DHL Express Malaysia has developed a useful tool on its website to simplify the HS Code search process for goods from various countries.

Follow these 4 steps to find your HS code instantly:-

Step 1: Go to the MyGTS website

Begin your search with the DHL Express Global Trade Services (MyGTS) website

Upon reaching the website, you will encounter a user-friendly interface.

You need to have a MyGTS account to use this tool. If you already have one, click ‘Login to MyGTS’.

Otherwise, click on the ‘Sign Up’ button and fill in the form ensuring you select 'Malaysia' as your country.

Proceed by clicking ‘Continue’ and verifying your account using the code sent to your email.

MyGTS Login or Signup

Step 2: Specify Exporting and Importing Countries

Select the ‘Exporting country’ and ‘Importing country’ for your goods.


Provide Exporting and Importing Country of Shipment in MyGTS

Step 3: Initiate the Search

MyGTS does more than just find HS codes. For those using it to check customs documents or calculate landed costs and customs duties, just enter the HS code to get all the info you need instantly. 

If you're using it to find the HS code of your product, click "Find My Product's Tariff Codes". 

Step 4: Find The Product's HS Codes

There are two options to search for the complete HS codes for your shipments .

Search by Description

Follow these three steps to obtain HS codes for both the exporting and importing countries:

  1. Input the most precise keywords that describe your shipments and click 'Find My Tariff Codes.'
  2. Examine the search results and choose the export HS code that best matches your shipment.
  3. Similarly, review the search results and select the import HS code that aligns with your shipment.

By completing these steps, you'll secure the import and export tariff codes for your shipment.

Throughout the process, if the results do not align with your product, you can always return to the previous step to modify the keywords you use for the search.

Search By Description Step By Step

Search By HS Code

The initial 6 digits of the HS code is the foundation of the tariff system and is standardized universally.

Hence, if you know these 6 digits for your shipments, you can use it to find the complete HS code for both the exporting and importing country.

Follow these three steps:

  1. Input the first 6 digits HS codes of products.
  2. Review the search result of export tariff codes and choose one that best matches your shipment.
  3. Similarly, review the search result of import tariff and choose one that best matches your shipment.

If the search result is inaccurate, goes back to the previous step and enter a different keyword to try again. 

Search by HS Code Step By Step Guide

The HS Codes of Your Shipments

Once you click 'Confirm and Return to Planner,' you'll be taken back to the initial interface. 

Here, you can locate both the export tariff codes, representing the HS codes of the goods' origin country, and the import tariff codes, which signify the HS codes of the shipment's destination country.

The Import and Export HS codes of Shipments on MyGTS

Know About the Function of MYGTS in 2 Minutes