Find Your Nearest DHL Express Service Points

As a leading international courier service provider, DHL Express has a presence in over 100 locations across Malaysia. Whether you need to drop off or pick up your international shipments, you can find the nearest DHL Express service point to receive in-person assistance.

How DHL Express Service Points Make International Shipping Easy

Shipment Packaging Assistance

Get your shipment packed in a DHL-certified boxes by our international shipping specialist.

Full Documentation Support

A step-by-step guide for accurately preparing and filling out all documents required by Malaysia customs and the destination countries.

International Shipping Advice

Get all your international shipping related questions answered on the spot.
(transit time, cost, regulations etc.).

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What customers say


4.6 4.6 out of 5 3,899 reviews

Deej Farlicca
4 months ago

5 out of 5

Mostly DHL staff very friendly.. Such a good service and helpful.. Thanks to staff Corneylia for the information I need.. Keep it up πŸ’ͺ🏻

Posted on DHL Express Imago
S Y Tam
7 days ago

5 out of 5

Great service from both Amar and the partner Aqilah, always show a happy face and enthusiasm to assist. Very efficient service.

shabudin khalid
1 month ago

5 out of 5

Very good and excellent. Good job to staff very helpful and attend customer with no doubt.

jayne chuah
7 days ago

5 out of 5

Highly recommend this service!Definitely one of the places where you get top notch end to end service!

From the moment I stepped in, staff were knowledgeable, fast to process things and are friendly!

Will definitely be using them again in future.

Posted on DHL Express Imago
Nadya Khairunisa
6 days ago

5 out of 5

Very helpful and kind customer service.This is my first time sending with them and the customer service was excellent πŸ‘.

shraq haron
3 months ago

5 out of 5

Walaupun saya hubungi pada mulanya tidak berjawab, pihak DHL menghubungi saya semula. πŸ‘πŸ»

Frequently Asked Questions About DHL Express Service Points

Opening hours differ for each service point. To find the business hours for the outlet you’re visiting, head over to their Google business locations profile. You may scroll up to use the map on this page to search.

DHL Express offers international delivery services and premium domestic delivery services.

The shipping cost is determined by the weight, size, and the destination country of the shipment.


For standard international shipping within the same continent, delivery typically takes 2 days, while shipments traveling across different continents will usually be delivered within 3 days.

Shipments to the following destinations (Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, and Korea) will be delivered in as soon as 24 hours.

The delivery time is dependent on pick-up cut off time. Please confirm the expected delivery time with retail officer at the time of shipping.

You can pay with cash, credit card or e-wallet.

DHL Express Easy is an exclusive solution offered at DHL Express service points. Unlike traditional shipping cost calculations, Express Easy allows you to pay based on the specific packages you select for your shipment, whether it's an envelope or a box. You can check the complete rate listΒ hereΒ for more details.