Medical Express (WMX) Service

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When sending shipments with temperature-sensitive contents, it’s key that you engage an experienced logistics provider that has the capabilities and resources to store, transport and deliver such goods in optimal conditions. Alongside our standard DHL Express import and export services, we also offer specialised supply chain solutions to achieve this. 

DHL Medical Express, or WMX, is a specialised shipping solution that allows research, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to successfully transport products from one country to another. You can rest assured knowing that your shipments are handled with the utmost care and that you can customise your deliveries by selecting from our range of add-on services. 


At DHL Express Malaysia, our dedicated team of logistics experts have a specialised set of skills and years of experience to professionally handle WMX shipments. Transporting medical equipment, like oxygen tanks, or medical samples, such as blood vials, requires logistics personnel to be well versed with global customs law and regulations. They would be in the best position to advise you about the special permits and licences required to successfully ship these products. 

If you have any questions, our customer service representatives are on hand to provide you with comprehensive information about how you can prepare your shipments, the export licences you have to apply for and the specific requirements or prohibitions of your shipping destination. Our medical express operations team is also experienced in handling condition-sensitive products, and ensuring that your shipments are kept at the right temperatures throughout their journeys. Our medical delivery couriers leverage DHL Express’ technologies to optimise routes, flag up disruptions and avoid potential delays, so that your products are delivered efficiently. 


Medical equipment, like X-ray machines, defibrillators, anaesthesia machines or patient monitors, can be expensive. To ensure you are financially protected in the event your equipment is lost or damaged, consider DHL Express’ choice of medical courier service insurance plans. The added benefit of taking on such insurance packages is that your customer is also assured that there are safeguards in place to mitigate heavy losses if something unfortunate happens.

When transporting drugs, vaccines or other medical products, maintaining a certain temperature from the moment they are picked up to when they are delivered is of utmost importance. Changes in temperature could mean alteration of the drug’s physical or chemical properties and serious consequences for the end-user. Aside from that, not adhering to such conditions carries the risk of failing to meet regulatory requirements – and your product being denied entry at customs. 


WMX’s cold chain logistics services are designed to keep pharmaceutical and biological products in a highly controlled environment. Our storage facilities and vehicles are equipped with the right technologies; we provide temperature-controlled packaging and coolant material that maintain ideal temperatures; and our smart sensor technology alerts our team if there are any changes in temperature. In this way, product quality is maintained and your business remains compliant. 

With an approved account with us, you can also enjoy the latest possible collection timings and priority delivery. 

Leverage our WMX shipment add-ons for a better sense of security.

Temperature Controlled Packaging
Controlled Packaging
Coolant Material
Smart Sensor Technology
Smart Sensor


To be eligible for DHL Express’ WMX services, it’s imperative that your business is in-compliance with dangerous goods (DG) standards for international transportation. Since businesses that usually require the WMX service distribute products that fall under the dangerous goods (DG) classifications, DHL Express needs to evaluate if your production facilities in Malaysia are compliant with regulations. We will send our in-house DG team to evaluate your premises prior to enabling the service.

Once your DHL Express account is approved, our team will customise a tailored logistics solution based on the product you intend on shipping internationally from Malaysia. Speak to us now to learn more about WMX shipments.