DHL Same Day Delivery Service

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For 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, DHL Express’ same day delivery and courier service excels in helping customers and businesses alike accelerate the worldwide shipping of their important, time-sensitive shipments. Leveraging the expertise of industry specialists and dedicated resources, enjoy a seamless and superior express delivery experience. Choosing DHL Express Malaysia for your urgent deliveries promises both convenience and speed with flexible collection timings and the earliest possible delivery. When customers subscribe to this service, they won’t have to worry about tracking their parcel delivery. They can check the progress of their deliveries with real-time updates about the status of their shipment until it has safely reached its intended destination.


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Choosing our DHL Jetline solutions gives priority to your shipment and ensures your package will be on the next flight out of Malaysia. Our same day delivery service team will prepare your shipment for customs clearance before arrival and expedite it for last-mile delivery. This makes sure that our customers enjoy the quickest possible shipping transit for shipments and parcels. In addition, the shipment is also closely monitored during every point of the entire shipping process. This enables our logistics experts to pre-empt any potential delays and act proactively to offer all our clients a fast, unparalleled shipping experience.


Another one of DHL’s comprehensive suite of same day delivery options is our DHL Secureline service. Partner with DHL Secureline’s dedicated charter service for the international transportation of your cargo to safeguard your high-value and important shipments with another layer of robust security. For your smaller shipments, entrust them to one of DHL’s dedicated on-board couriers.


At DHL Express, we understand that certain shipments necessitate utmost care and attention as they hold monumental importance and must be delivered to their destinations urgently. Meeting our customer’s every logistics need is our number one priority. That is why, aside from our urgent, time-sensitive delivery service that guarantees packages are sent by the next possible working day, we provide a same day delivery and courier service too.

Our same day international shipping service was designed with your most pressing delivery needs in mind – to provide worldwide express shipping that ensures your crucial shipments reach your desired destinations within one day. With our same day courier service, you can take heart that DHL Express has got your delivery needs covered during unexpected developments or for critical emergencies. With this service, you can get your package to its destination the same day it's shipped, regardless of where in the world your recipient is. This makes DHL Express a great choice for businesses that need to keep their operations running smoothly. 

With extensive years of experience in the industry, our team at DHL Express understands the importance of same day delivery and are committed to providing our customers with the best possible service from our world-class logistics network. When deciding which logistics partner to use for your next important, time-critical shipment, consider the many benefits that come with choosing DHL Express as your preferred international courier service provider in Malaysia.

Let us take care of your shipment – find out how same day delivery can benefit your business with competitive international shipping rates from Malaysia by contacting our specialists today!