DHL Express Custom Clearance Support

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When you ship with DHL Express, we will support you with shipment clearance. 

For your shipment to be cleared promptly, it must have all the correct documents and clear any duties and taxes in its destination country.

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about DHL Express customs clearance support -

  1. The Clearance Process
  2. The Duty Payment for Clearance
  3. The Documentation

DHL Customs Clearance

Yes, DHL Express Malaysia is responsible for managing customs clearance for all DHL Express shipments entering Malaysia. We act as a broker for our customers to ensure the clearance process is smooth and efficient.

No, importers are not required to choose DHL Express for clearance services.

DHL Express only handles clearance for shipments picked up by DHL. We do not provide clearance services for shipments from other forwarders or couriers.


DHL Express begins the customs clearance process when our team at the destination country receive the invoice and other relevant paperwork from DHL Express at the origin country.

Yes, DHL Express Malaysia can conduct pre-clearance for shipments before they arrive at their destination country for most goods. 

However, in the case of controlled or restricted shipments, clearance might occur after arrival. This is because Customs might request additional documentation during their inspection.

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DHL Duty Payment

When you receive an email or SMS notification from DHL Express Malaysia regarding outstanding duties and taxes, you have several convenient payment options:

Bank Transfer: 

Transfer the payment to DHL Express (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd's Standard Chartered account and send an email to mycashibduty@dhl.com for verification. The payment will be processed within 2-3 working days.

Name: DHL Express (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

Account Number: 794156111983

FPX/Online payment: 

Click on the link provided in the email or SMS received, enter the waybill number, and proceed with the payment. The payment should be reflected immediately.

Cash on delivery: 

Pay cash to the DHL Express Malaysia courier upon the delivery of your shipment.

The duty and taxes will either be prepaid by the shipper or paid by the receiver after clearance.

If you're using DHL Express for shipping, you'll have 3 options for making duty and tax payments:

Receiver Pays Directly: The receiver handles duties and taxes with the authorities after customs clearance or upon delivery.

Sender Pays On Behalf: The sender pays duties and taxes on behalf of the receiver through their DHL account by choosing the Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) option during shipment preparation. 

DHL Express Pays On Behalf: DHL Express may handle duty payments during customs clearance. 

DHL pays upfront for low-value duties while customer approval is required before payment for high-value duties. The receiver is later billed for these costs as this process helps speed up customs clearance. 

These fees are charges for processing incoming non-document shipments that require formal clearance.

The fee is calculated based on the higher of RM50.00 or 3% of the total customs duties and taxes paid in advance by DHL Express Malaysia on behalf of the customer.

Disbursement Fee/Duty Handling Fee is when a courier service pays duties and taxes on behalf of a customer for a package and then charges a fee to cover those payments.

Advancement Fee is when DHL pays taxes in advance on your behalf when your package clears customs, and a small fee is required for high-value shipments.

Clearance Documentation

Yes. If you're using DHL Express for shipping, you can pay duties and taxes on behalf of the receiver through DHL account. 

The shipper will cover the charges by setting up an air waybill (AWB) under the Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) option.

Yes. Every shipment with value exceeded the limit de minimis threshold set by the destination country 


Every shipment, which value exceed a threshold set by the destination country's custom, known as de minimis are subject to import duties and taxes, regardless of its intention.

When you buy items online, the price you pay usually does not include duties and taxes. This is because the goods you purchase may not come from your own country. If your items are shipped internationally, you are responsible for paying any import duties and taxes set by your local customs authorities.

To ensure quick delivery of your goods, DHL pays the required duties and taxes on your behalf when your package arrives in your country. You will need to repay these fees before receiving your items.

DHL will only reach out if the duties and taxes exceed certain thresholds: RM1000 for business shipments (B2B) and RM500 for personal shipments (B2C).

Any clearance disputes will be handled on a case-by-case basis by DHL. 

If a customer wants DHL to contact them regardless of duty and tax amount, a Duty Confirmation Fee of RM53 per shipment will apply.

Yes, we can help prepare customs declarations for our customers at a fee of RM50 per shipment.

Besides customs declaration, DHL Express offers various other customs services.

Here’s a detailed list of all charges for customs services in Malaysia.

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