DHL Express Heavyweight Shipping

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Whether you're looking to ship furniture, a big box of books, or machinery parts, DHL Express is one of the best express shipping option. 

Imagine having all the benefits we offer for your regular shipping—speed, security, and direct transportation from one country to another—applied to your heavy shipments. We move these bulky, oversized items with the same express efficiency and security. 

Why DHL Express for Heavy Package Shipping

Transparent and Stable Pricing

Our single-window pricing system simplifies shipping by eliminating multiple transaction fees. We provide an all-inclusive quote from pick-up to delivery, avoiding hidden costs. This transparent approach ensures cost-effective shipping for heavy items locally or overseas.

Fast Delivery

DHL Express delivers heavy items in just 1-3 days. Our worldwide network and fleet of planes allow us to manage bulky shipments efficiently for you.

Comprehensive Heavyweight Shipping Support

Our service covers packing, crating, and transportation. With years of experience supporting industries like machinery, medical devices, and furniture, our team is proficient in recommending the best way to ship your large and heavy items.

Cost of Shipping Heavy with DHL Express vs. Sea Freight

One of the best thing about using DHL Express for your large, heavy shipment is the price is all-inclusive from door to door with no hidden charges. What you see is what you pay. 

Here are the charging differences between DHL Express and regular sea freight for all essential services needed for complete heavy package delivery:

DHL Express Charges ServiceSea Freight Charges
IncludedPickupSeparate Fee
IncludedExport DocumentationSeparate Fee
IncludedOutbound Airport HandlingSeparate Fee
IncludedAir FreightSeparate Fee
IncludedInbound Airport HandlingSeparate Fee
IncludedCustoms ClearanceSeparate Fee
IncludedDeliverySeparate Fee

DHL Express Heavyweight Shipping Capabilities

We can handle shipments up to 3000kg quickly, but your large, heavy packages must comply with DHL Express' transportation system.

Our goods are managed through a unified network of trucks, planes, and automated handling facilities across the world, so it's important that your heavy shipment follows DHL Express guidelines for us to process it.

Single Heavy Shipment Size and Weight Guide

For the bulky and heavy shipment, each piece should weigh no more than 70kg and fit within dimensions of 120 x 80 x 80 cm (length x width x height).

Overall Heavy Shipment Size and Weight Guide

You can ship up to 3000kg. Simply palletize your shipment, ensuring each pallet weighs no more than 1000kg and fits within dimensions of 300 x 200 x 160 cm (length x width x height).

More Exclusive Heavyweight Shipping Services from DHL Express

Apart from speed and security, shipping bulky and heavy items with DHL Express offers exclusive advantages that set us apart from ocean freight providers.

DHL ExpressServicesSea Freight
Applies to all
Door-to-Door ServiceNot applicable
Applies to all
Permanent Capacity AvailableNot applicable
Applies to allAll-In-One Pricing StructureNot applicable
1-3 days (fastest can be same-day)Minimal Transit TimesUp to 50 days 
Applies to allCustoms Clearance CostNot applicable to all
Applies to allGuaranteed Time of DeliveryNot applicable to all
Track Online End-to-End Shipment Visibility with Online TrackingNot applicable to all
Applies to allReliable Customer Support and Dedicated Global NetworkNot applicable to all

Frequently Asked Questions

A heavy shipment is any package that weighs from 70 kg (154 lbs) up to 3,000 kg (6,613 lbs). 

These shipments often include large items such as furniture, appliances, or industrial equipment that require specialized haandling and transportation services.

When shipping large packages, measure the dimensions and weight accurately before booking.

Make sure they meet the logistics provider's limits.

For example, DHL Express accepts packages up to 300cm in length, 200cm in width, and 160cm in height, with a maximum weight of 70kg per item.

Anything heavier must be palletized.

When preparing large and heavy items for air freight, ensure they can be stacked, moved by forklift, and withstand tilting and vibration during transport.

Packing Goods

Use durable cardboard boxes, crate boxes, or palletize bulky shipments accordingly.

Securing Goods

Secure palletized items with shrink-wrap or straps to prevent movement during transit.

For items that can't be packed in a box, they must be crated or shrink-wrapped and securely brace to a pallet. 

Large items cannot be shipped without proper packing.

The most cost effective way to ship heavy items is through air freight like DHL Express for 3 key reasons:

1. Stable pricing

A transparent all-inclusive pricing will be provided before shipping. 

2. Fast transit

Delivery takes 1-3 days only. 

3. Door-to-door service

Direct sender-to-receiver shipping reduces shipping complications

Sign up for a DHL Business account to ship heavy items through us securely.