How to add a little love to your packaging this Valentine's Day

Anna Thompson
Anna Thompson
Discover content team
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This Valentine’s Day, make your customers fall in love with your brand too. All it takes is a little creativity...

Do you consider your packaging to be part of your marketing strategy? You should do. It’s an opportunity for your e-commerce business to deliver the “wow” factor, to make customers feel special and build excitement for what’s inside – there’s a reason unboxing videos are so popular on YouTube.

As an online retailer, you have fewer touchpoints with your customers than a physical one, so it pays to invest a little extra in the ones you do have. When your product lands on your customer’s doorstep, it’s the packaging that makes the first impression.

40% of consumers are likely to make repeat purchases from an online merchant with premium packaging1

This Valentine’s Day, go the extra mile with your packaging and you’ll be rewarded with happy customers who will return to your online store again and again. It doesn’t have to be a pricey exercise – just a few creative, personalized touches will do the trick. Read on…

First things first. In the lead up to Valentine’s Day, customers ordering products from your online store are likely buying them as a gift for someone else. So, be sure to add two features to your website: the option for shoppers to include a personalized message with their order (which they can write during the checkout process), and gift wrapping. Busy customers will appreciate the latter!

It’s what’s on the outside that counts

Don’t miss an opportunity to sell your brand before the customer even opens the package. The exterior of the box is a blank canvas to which you can add your business’s name, logo (check out noissue’s custom stamps), slogan or something else to build excitement.

unboxlove.com teases “Get your date on” on theirs, whilst Nuts.com goes all out with fun, bold writing talking about the products inside. 

woman receiving gift from a man

And then open…

This is the big moment…the unveiling that should make customers feel they’ve got something really special in front of them. A beautifully wrapped product with careful attention paid to color and design is the aim – in line with your brand, of course.

Customize, customize, customize

Companies such as Packhelp sell tape, labels, tissue paper and gift boxes which can be customized with your chosen designs. Check out Etsy too, for a wide range of custom packaging.  


It’s all in the details…

Even the tape you use can add a little magic – such as Scotch’s glittery offering. Finish off the wrapping with ribbon and a bow for a special touch.  

It doesn’t all have to be pink…

It may be Valentine’s Day, but there are other ways to make the product feel romantic. Consider which packaging colors will best complement your brand – for example, this sleek black tissue paper conveys premium quality, whilst this gold-flecked option is more fun.

Shout about your USP

Is there a certain something that helps your brand stand out from competitors? Halo Top makes its low calorie count the focus point of its packaging. 

Direct the message

Include your brand’s Instagram handle and relevant hashtags on the packaging. Before purchasing a new product, many people will search tags to familiarize themselves with it and see how others are using it. If the result of their search is lots of photos of attractive packaging, then you’ll imprint a positive image of your brand.

wooden box with made with love engraved on it

Make it personal

Include a thank-you card within the box to make customers feel valued – extra points if it’s handwritten! Australian eco brand Flora and Fauna includes handwritten notes in all its shipped orders. The company’s team members put on their creative hats and author poems, jokes and drawings for customers to enjoy.   

Add a free gift

Packaging inserts are a nice little extra that will delight customers and promote loyalty to your brand. You could include samples of other products within your brand range you think the customer might like, or use the opportunity to get rid of some of your excess inventory.

white presents with pink ribbons

Padding doesn’t have to be ugly

Traditional filler types for delicate shipments such as bubble wrap and packing peanuts aren’t the most attractive, and definitely don’t give a “premium” feel. Crinkle paper and natural wood excelsior are nice alternatives – and better for the environment!

Think sustainably

It wouldn’t be a complete packaging article without considering the sustainability factor. Customers are increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of their online purchases – and the packaging their orders arrive in plays a significant part of that. So, what can you do to be greener?

  • Switch to an eco-packaging supplier. Noissue creates made-to-order, custom packaging for businesses. Every product is 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable. The company can work with low order minimums, helping smaller businesses meet their sustainability goals.
  • How about building in ways for your box to be reused? Loot Crate, a swag subscription box for pop culture fans, regularly redesigns its packaging so the box can be turned into a board game or morph into Thor’s hammer! This box for a children’s jewelry line adapts into a backdrop and blocks for playtime. The formula is simple: create packaging that your customers will be excited by and want to hang on to, and you’ll stay in their minds.
  • Best of all, switching to a sustainable packaging supplier can save your business money! D2C candle company Biotika partnered with Packhelp to craft a memorable unboxing experience. Products are placed on wood wool in line with the company’s earthy, natural messaging, whilst the boxes themselves are sized per customer order, minimizing costs of shipping. Biotika decreased its fixed packaging costs by 12% after making the switch.

Finally, once your creative masterpiece is complete, ensure it gets to your customers on time and in one piece by trusting DHL with your last-mile delivery. Apply for a DHL Express Business account here.

1 - Dotcom Distribution survey, Shopify, February 2021