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  • Wrap with shock absorbing material.

    Wrap the product in shock absorbing material before packing it, as it is subjected to shock during automatic sorting. Should you send multiple items in one package, pack each part with shock absorbing material.

    Pack in the smallest possible package size.

    Choose the minimum packaging size of the goods to be shipped, they should be tightly packed but not pinched to avoid damage. Choose a durable and smooth outer packaging.

    Seal the package with tape or equivalent.

    Sealing with e.g. string or rope is not accepted, as it risks getting stuck in the sorting plant and causing damage.

    Handling of fragile goods.

    Delicate goods such as glass should be properly wrapped and placed in the middle of the package to avoid contact with the edges. Use a rigid and durable material as an outer casing.

    Address label and labelling.

    The package should be large enough to accommodate the DHL address label. The label must be fully visible, legible and scanable, not folded or wrinkled. Extra messages in addition to the address label, e.g. "This side up" does not work, as the goods are sorted mechanically.

    Articles containing liquid.

    Make sure that liquids are packed in packaging with absorbent material, to avoid leakage in case of damage. Package the item so that it cannot move in the package.

    Intact packaging at pickup.

    The packaging must not be damaged in any way when collecting. This will not protect the contents sufficiently and the goods may harm staff and other goods.

    Damaged packaging will not be replaced.

    Damaged packaging is not replaced by DHL, as it is not considered as part of the goods, but is there to protect the contents of normal transport handling.

    Uneven goods should be placed in cardboard.

    Round or uneven goods should be placed in cardboard and fixed with filling material. Packages must be stable without being able to roll or roll over in handling due to round or uneven shape.

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