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In order for your package to be transported as safely and safely as possible, it is good to think about how you pack. Here are the tips to help you along the way.

  • Outer packaging
    To protect the contents of your package, it is important to choose a strong and protective packaging, for example corrugated board, that resists vibrations, shocks and pressures from other packages as well as our machines and trucks.
  • Soft protective inner packaging
    Enclose the product with a soft-protective inner packaging such as bubble wrap, newsprint or corrugated board, which provides protection against vibration, shock and pressure. Make sure that the packaged item is not directly against the inside of the outer packaging. The item should not move in the carton during transport as it may cause damage to both the contents and the carton
  • Package sharp objects
    Sharp objects should be packaged extra carefully so that they cannot cut the packaging from the inside. To protect objects such as pliers, knives and scissors, they should be enclosed with more sturdy material, such as a piece of plastic hose over the sharp parts.
  • Be careful with liquids
    In addition, if the contents of the product are liquid, the container must be carefully enclosed with absorbent material or wrapped in its own plastic bag and with shock absorbing material, so that there is no leakage in the event of damage.
  • Sealing
    Enclose the carton with tape on both length and width to protect the contents of the package during transport.
  • Labels
    Attach labels securely, clearly and on a flat surface to ensure that the package is transported in the fastest way through the DHL network.