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Our network reaches over 300 million consumers in 25 European countries.

Conducting e-commerce in several different markets within Europe can feel like a complicated task. But with DHL Parcel Connect, it will be just as easy to send packages to private customers in Europe as in Sweden. DHL Parcel Connect is perfectly adapted for the e-commerce of the future and offers the recipient flexibility with delivery to agents, parcel boxes or all the way home to your customer with full traceability all the way. We have solutions for both larger and smaller companies so that you can focus on what you are best at. DHL focuses on delivering on the recipient's terms and in a climate-smart way.

From July 1st 2021, our fossil-free * transport solution SEND GREEN is included in DHL Parcel Connect.

We at DHL Freight reduce Co2 instead of compensating. Do you want to get started with SEND GREEN? Read more

DHL Parcel Connect offers:

  • Competitive lead times with good delivery quality and full traceability throughout the supply chain
  • A standardized service with local adaptation with several delivery options for the recipient. **
  • A fossil-free * transport solution with SEND GREEN. We at DHL Freight reduce CO2 instead of compensating.
  • Electronic pre-notification to the recipient with flexible recipient service ** per destination. For example, choice of delivery date, delivery to agents etc.
  • Standardized return solution via DHL Parcel Return Connect

* According to Fossilfritt Sveriges definition. 

** Not all recipient services are available in all countries. We are happy to give you support to support your unique solution. For country-specific information, please contact your regular contact at DHL Freight.

Your Road to 25 European markets

With our network, your company can send packages to:

List of excluded countries here

DHL Parcel Connect

Parcel to private customers
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DHL Parcel Connect quick facts

  • Max weight per package: 31,5 kg
  • Max standard measurements per package (Length x Width x Height) 120x60x60 cm.*
  • Delivery via agent, parcel box or home to your customer. 
  • Normal delivery time: 2-7 days

* For packages larger than standard dimensions, a fee will be added. However, a package must never be longer than 200 cm and that the length + circumference does not exceed 360 cm. Example: If the length of the package is 200 cm, its circumference must not exceed 160 cm.


Shipping to Norway or Åland? Don’t forget customs!

Packages to countries / territories subject to customs duties must undergo an export from Sweden (EU) and an import in the recipient country. As the consignor, you are responsible for following the export and import rules and providing the correct customs invoice. Learn more in our product-specific terms.

Shipping large daily volumes? Contact your regular contact or customer service at DHL Freight to discuss tailor-made solutions that suit your company.

For DHL Freight's services, our product-specific and general terms and conditions as well as NSAB 2015 apply.

Simple returns with DHL Parcel Return Connect

Make it easy for your customer to send a product in return by supplying a return label in the same package as the product. In this way, your customer has everything needed to handle the return smoothly via the nearest agent. See the agent map here


Added services

Sharpen your shipments with these added services:

  • DHL Goods Insurance. Up to SEK 250,000 per shipment
  • Dangerous goods, limited quantity
  • Customs Clearance to Norway and Åland

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