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Marcus Jönsson, 29, is a truck driver at DHL Åkeri and is very happy.

- It is a luxury to work with something that is so fun - driving a truck gives a wonderful feeling of freedom. At the same time, it is a suitable social job, he says.

Marcus Jönsson has had a permanent job at DHL Åkeri for just over three years. His working hours are 7-16 Monday-Friday - something that suits him perfectly:

- My partner and I have a two-year-old daughter and another child on the way, so it feels good to be able to come home every day just after 16 and be free on the weekends. We live in a house in Burlöv outside Malmö - five minutes from DHL's parking lot where I pick up the truck in the morning and leave it when I have finished working.

Daily contact with the transport managers

Marcus describes the yellow DHL truck with a trailer as his workplace. Every morning he drives to the quay in Malmö where he loads the goods that come by train from Eskilstuna. In his mobile phone, he then received information about today's unloading and loading around Skåne - that is, where he should leave and pick up goods during his eight working hours.

- My transport managers are responsible for making the schedule, then it is up to me to plan exactly in which order I deliver and pick up. So it is a free and independent job that is rarely particularly stressful. I can always call my transport managers who sit in the office in Hässleholm and keep track of everything.

Both freely and socially

Marcus' colleagues in Hässleholm usually start their working days in the office and talk over a cup of coffee before they leave.

- I do not have that contact with other drivers, but the job is still social. I meet customers that I deliver to and pick up from. It also happens that we colleagues call each other and talk a little, and then I have regular contact with the transport managers. Among the best things about the job is the feeling of freedom, Marcus thinks.

- It's a luxury to work with something you really like - I love driving a truck. You come out and get to see so much, in my case the whole of Scania where the rapeseed fields are currently shining yellow.

He also likes the challenge that it means to load in a good way: - Sometimes it's almost like a puzzle, you have to be methodical and solution-oriented. I want to load so that it will be as smooth as possible for the other driver who will receive the goods.

A stable employer

Marcus sees a great advantage in being employed by DHL Freight, which is part of the global DPDHL group - one of the world's leading logistics companies with 600,000 employees.

- It is a safe and stable employer, I also feel seen and listened to. For example, I will be on parental leave this summer, then you solve it in a good way. I have holidays four weeks in the summer and two weeks at Christmas. So the job can be nicely combined with family life.

"The job is just as suitable for girls as for boys"

Marcus grew up with the yellow trucks, which he even rode as a child - his father was a truck driver at DHL.

- It's easy to feel proud of the job. Everyone recognizes our yellow cars and we are known for our delivery security. An important bonus is that DHL Freight has come a long way in its transition to fossil-free - it gives me as an employee an extra good feeling for the company.

DHL Åkeri is getting more and more female employees. - It is very fun that so many girls apply for the job. Today, the job as a truck driver is not that heavy, you usually handle loading and unloading with a truck. So the job is just as suitable for girls as for boys.

Available in 16 locations

Today, DHL Åkeri is represented in Luleå, Skellefteå, Umeå, Ullånger, Sundsvall, Gävle, Borlänge, Uppsala, Västberga, Eskilstuna, Norrköping, Gothenburg, Jönköping, Hässleholm, Helsingborg and Malmö.

Apply for a job at DHL Åkeri

We are currently looking for a number of new employees for several of our terminals across the country. We are mainly looking for day pilots, night change drivers and remote drivers. If you are interested and have a CE driving license and a valid YKB, you are welcome to apply via the button below. ADR, truck and the habit of handling goods are meritorious.

Knauf Insulation

Knauf Insulation sells insulation products throughout Sweden - and that the deliveries work is crucial for the company.   They decided to test DHL Freight.

DHL Åkeri

DHL Åkeri is a workplace that is located all over Sweden - with trucks rolling from Trelleborg in the south to Kiruna in the north. - With us, the drivers get a secure job and become part of the global logistics company - at the same time as we have the local haulage feeling, says Johan Halvarsson, haulier for DHL Åkeri.


The goal for the global corporation STIHL is to become climate neutral long before the Paris Agreement 2050. As part of the road to succeed, the Swedish subsidiary sends its parcels with DHL Freight’s climate-smart option SEND GREEN. This year, STIHL Sweden is estimated to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions by as much as eight tonnes through the initiative.