Reach your customers quickly, smoothly and safely.

Reach your customers quickly, smoothly and safely.

  • More than 1600 DHL agents and 120 DHL parcel boxes Learn more
  • Delivery in 1-2 days all over Sweden
  • Full visibility of shipment with Track & Trace Learn more
  • Standard insurance for domestic transport with 500SEK / kilo
  • Weight is rounded up to the nearest full kilogram. VAT and fuel will be added. Shipping is calculated at 280 kg/m3. Packages longer than 120 cm will be charged (see DHL Freight Optional Supplements and Fees).

    Individual pricing based on volume applied, contact us for quotation.


    Shipping Weight
    (Max Matt: Length 150cm, Length + circumference 300cm; 20kg)


    1-3 kg

    90 kr

    4-5 kg

    111 kr

    6-10 kg

    145 kr

    11-15 kg

    187 kr

    16-20 kg

    208 kr

    21-30 kg

    219 kr

    31-40 kg

    234 kr

    41-50 kg

    252 kr

    51-60 kg

    259 kr

    61-70 kg

    270 kr

    71-80 kg

    279 kr

    81-84 kg

    285 kr

  • Smooth return management is now a must for modern e-retailers. With DHL, you can choose whether you attach a return label at the time of delivery or at a later time.

  • Environmental freight, delivery monitoring, goods requirements, insurance

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