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The parcels that were created from the afternoon of May 10 to this morning will be able to be handed in to our Parcel stores tomorrow, the 12th of may. We apologize to you who have been affected.


We currently have problems with handling in parcels at our parcel stores. This applies to parcels that were created from the afternoon of May 10 until now. We work to solve the problem and will publish information here about when the problem is solved, and when you as a customer can create and handle in parcels again.


Warning! There are currently false SMS messages where DHL appears to be a sender and where the recipient is asked to click a link or download an application. These SMS messages are NOT from us. If you suspect you have received a false SMS, please send a screenshot of the SMS, including phone numbers to as soon as possible. You can then discard the SMS. Remember, not to click any links or download any application. We are seriously looking at this and doing what we can to get the problem done.

For more information about fraud awareness, see


We currently have a technical problem that will allow some of our packages to be undeliverable. At the moment, we don’t know when the problem is loose but works as soon as we can to fix it. Note! Packages created via will be submitted when the issue is resolved.


At 17: 25, the following issues solved

Late At 4: 20 PM we will be experiencing a technical problem affecting all in- and released packages at our DHL agents. Other services such as our Locator and Bank ID may be affected. Currently troubleshooting and the case will be updated on this page. We apologize for you affected.


At the moment, we have technical problems with our platform and apologize for any problems you might experience. We are striving to solve the issue as soon as possible.


We are currently unable to ship to Italy, France and Greece. We expect to open up the possibility to do so again within 10 days. Until then, we refer to DHL Express.


Due to the prevailing weather and its consequences for heavy truck traffic, we are currently asking for forgiveness for any delivery delays that may arise as a result. For specific information regarding a delayed shipment or parcel - please contact our Customer Service on 0771-345345


You are not currently able to send parcels to the UK using this service. We refer instead to DHL Express


On February 1, we will once again open the possibility of sending parcels to the above countries. Until then, we refer to DHL Express


Due to local changes regarding maximum permitted parcel sizes in France, Italy and Greece, we are currently unable to offer deliveries there. We apologize for this, but also to you who in December 2020 sent a parcel that has been returned. At present, we expect to be able to offer deliveries to the above-mentioned countries again at the end of January.


Due to changes in the rules prior to Brexit, it will not be possible to send parcels to the UK from 21 December 2020 until 3 January 2021. We apologize for any inconvenience. We apologize for any inconvenience.


There are currently fake e-mails where DHL appears to be the sender and where you as a customer are asked to identify your address for delivery of packages. At DHL Freight we never send emails asking our customers to confirm their address in connection with parcel delivery. If you suspect that you received a fake e-mail, please be aware and not click on any links or attachments. We take this seriously and are doing what we can to remedy the problem. 

Here we continuously update with information related to our production during peak and Christmas time. More information about Covid 19 (Corona) can be found at the bottom of this page. 

How is COVID-19 (Corona) handled by DHL?

DHL takes the situation with COVID-19 (Corona) in Sweden and the rest of the world very seriously. We continuously follow the development and we make sure to do everything we can to reduce the spread of Corona among our employees, partners and customers and we of course make sure to follow the official advices and recommendations that are continuously communicated by responsible authorities. Good hand hygiene and making sure to stay at home if you feel the slightest symptoms of becoming ill are the two single most important measures you as an individual can take to contribute to a reduced spread of infection. 

For those of you who are to pick up a package from one of our DHL Servicepoints,, we would like you to take part of the following information:

  • Please identify yourself with BankID and you will avoid unnecessary contact with the staff at your local DHL Service point. If you feel the slightest symptoms of illness, identify yourself with BankID and let someone else pick up your package. BankID is available via a link in the notification SMS you receive from us or in the app “Mina Paket”. 
  • Try to visit your DHL Service point at times when there are normally not that many people in the store. A tip is to pick up your package in the morning or on Saturdays and Sundays. Please avoid to pick up your parcel between 17-18 when our Service points often have many customers.
  • If you have several packages to pick up from us or another carrier, try if possible to pick up all your packages at once and you will avoid visiting our package representative more than necessary.
  • Feel free to use rubbing alcohol before you go to our package agent. Many of our package agents offer access to hand alcohol in the store. 

Here you will find more information about COVID-19 and what advice and recommendations apply