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Enhance the unboxing experience with personalization

Personalization is key for success in e-commerce. When a consumer unboxes an item, finding a relevant and tailored message in their package can increase their brand loyalty, and encourage them to place a repeat order more quickly.

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“Personalization in e-commerce has gone beyond being a trend, to now essentially being the new norm.” says Vlad Dogaru, Head of Marketing at the DHL Fulfillment Network. “Merchants are seeking ways to customize messages to their consumers. The reason is simple: the more relevant the message is, the better a consumer will respond to it.”

That important moment of physical contact between a consumer and their parcel provides a great opportunity for personalization: both of the box itself and any inserts. This is why the DHL Fulfillment Network has designed various features to help merchants to communicate with their consumers in the best possible way at the moment of unboxing.

How does it work?

Messages can take several forms: firstly, the brand can include a message in a shipment offering the recipient a discount on their next order, for example. Or the brand may offer a dedicated discount code (e.g. on a customer’s next order or on a promotion). Secondly, the message can come from the person placing the order: when someone orders a gift for a friend, for example, they can choose to include a printed card with a personalized note.

The team at DHL place printed messages into parcels, taking care that they go right inside and can’t be missed. DHL can print messages for customers, or customers can provide their own printed cards.

Customer benefits

All our personalization features are optional, meaning that customers can opt to use one for a certain period only, say in the run-up to a peak season, and they can then opt back out of it. They can switch it on and off very simply.

“We also take care to ensure it integrates with webshops,” says Malte Lensing, Head of Product Development at the DHL Fulfillment Network, “and we are flexible in the type of physical card we offer – customers can choose recycled paper, for example – and we also offer other options such as envelopes.”

The feature is billed on a simple pay-per-use basis. “Some customers may choose to include a QR code when running a promotion, and scans of the QR code can show the value of this as a marketing tool,” remarks Malte.

An ideas factory!

“We are proud to be an ideas factory, staying on top of trends to benefit customers and enhance the unboxing experience,” Malte says.

The DHL Fulfillment Network offers more than e-commerce fulfillment. It offers value, innovation and a true partnership with customers.

“We are constantly working on new features, so that our customers can grow and stay ahead of the game,” says Malte.

And what’s the next idea?! “Watch this space!”

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