Secrets of the spare time start-ups

Anna Thompson
Anna Thompson
Discover content team
15 min read
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You’ve had a great idea for an online business bubbling away in your mind for a while. You’re confident it’s a winner, and spontaneous thoughts of quitting your current job to dedicate all your time to it are creeping in.

But wait! Hold on just a second. We don’t want to rain on your dreams, but the reality is that most start-ups fail in their first year, so it’s a good idea to keep your day job until your new is at least breaking even. You’d be in good company with this strategy: Nike founder Phil Knight worked as an accountant when first building the brand; whilst Spanx founder Sara Blakely initially juggled creating prototypes of the shape-wear with her day job selling fax machines.

One study, which tracked thousands of US entrepreneurs over 15 years found that those who kept their day jobs failed 33% less often1.. But how exactly do you balance starting a new business with your regular 9-5 job?

The secret is to manage your time effectively. In this exclusive download, we explain how by dedicating just 10 minutes a day to your side business, you can:

  • Devise a business concept
  • Evaluate your idea
  • Research the market
  • Create a business plan
  • Integrate software that will make your job quicker
  • Find the right people to support you
  • Build a brand
  • Protect your IP
  • Become an e-commerce expert

Download it now, and you can begin today! All you need is a spare 10 minutes. Good luck!

1 - Should I Quit My Day Job?: A Hybrid Path to Entrepreneurship, Wired, February 2016

How to launch a successful business in 10 minutes a day

From downloading a template for your ‘Business Plan Before Breakfast’ to locking down your logistics in your local coffee shop, ‘How to Launch a Successful Business in Just 10 Minutes a Day’ is a FREE and great way to get your business idea of the ground.

How to launch a successful business in 10 minutes a day
How to launch a successful business in 10 minutes a day