Research denied parties

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Know who is a denied party.

Whether you are the shipper or the receiver, it’s important to ensure that the other country or person involved in your transaction is not on a denied parties list. Denied parties are individuals and entities that have been denied shipping privileges by government agencies. Conducting trade with them is prohibited.

Even though it seems unlikely that the other party would be denied shipping privileges, once customs identifies the party as being on one of these lists, your shipment is stopped for further review.

DHL Trade Automation Services is updated daily to ensure we have the most current lists from countries around the world. Search results will provide a classification for potential issues (high, medium, low). Review the data and depending on the search result, note that further investigation may be warranted. If the data match is close, we provide the list on which the party is denied to support your efforts.

Take advantage of DHL Trade Automation Services (MyGTS) to conduct research on Denied Parties. If you require proof of identification or seek additional information about Denied Parties, please visit our dedicated Denied Parties resource page.