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Global | 27.11.2020

Our response to Covid-19

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"Connecting People, Improving Lives" is Deutsche Post DHL Group's mission and guides always our effort to become exemplary corporate citizens.

In this critical global health crisis, our Logistics services and our worldwide network play a critical role, also in saving lives – whether it is by sending emergency medical equipment and supplies to healthcare workers; delivering necessity goods to private customers; or by finding solutions for companies to continue their operations.

Against the backdrop of the global Covid-19 outbreak, Deutsche Post DHL Group business operations are being continuously adapted to mitigate potential impacts. As a globally operating company, epidemic and pandemic risk scenarios are an integral part of the Group's continuous risk planning. The Group follows a holistic management process that enables our business units to ensure the best possible operations for our customers even in an emergency.

The safety of our employees and customers is paramount. In order to closely monitor and manage the Coronavirus outbreak, a Deutsche Post DHL Group Coronavirus task force has been established, led by the Group’s CEO. The Group’s task force also coordinates with international organizations (such as the WHO, CDC, ECDC and Robert Koch Institute) and provides the necessary information to all employees and relevant operations.

The Group’s task force

  • meets weekly and updates top management on the evolution of the situation
  • ensures that our organizations in all countries we operate follow protocols of official authorities, both international organizations and local country health authority advisories (whichever sets the strictest rule)
  • discusses and approves measures as the situation unfolds
  • facilitates cross-divisional knowledge and best practice sharing


Our number one priority is the wellbeing of our employees and customers. We follow all official recommendations, and we are committed to respond to the call for cohesion and solidarity to prevent the spread of the disease.

Our Group Business Continuity Policy offers global guidelines for our operations in 220 countries. Every day, everywhere, to stop the spread of the disease:

  • We promote a "Safety First" approach 
  • We encourage flexible work arrangements, adapted to different roles
  • We have limited global business travel to a minimum
  • We postponed all non-business essential events and trainings

In addition, each business unit developed and internally communicated additional measures fitting distinctive country needs or division-specific requirements.

We regularly update our employees via internal media, as well as via our local management teams. We publish updated information as it becomes available to reduce exposure to and transmission of the Coronavirus.


As a globally operating company with approximately 550,000 employees in over 220 countries and territories worldwide, we ensure our country organizations operate in accordance with the protocols of official authorities, both international organizations and local country health authority advisories, whichever sets the strictest rules.


  • The Group's Coronavirus task force coordinates the implementation of accurate and tailor-made Business Continuity Planning to local conditions, and immediate response and monitoring.
  • Each of Deutsche Post DHL Group’s divisions manages its operations to ensure, to the extent possible, an undisrupted service to our customers. All our divisions are mobilizing Business Continuity Plans, including pandemic operating plans, and implementing preventive actions as appropriate.
  • Operational updates in specific countries will be communicated on a country-by-country basis and by the respective business unit.

    In case you need further specific detail about the current operational status in your country or for a specific DHL business unit, please contact your account manager or customer service representative.



Every Day, Everywhere, Working to Stop the Spread of the Disease

  • The safety and well-being of all of our employees is paramount to us and we are introducing several measures at a local level to safeguard our employees against infection. Hand and scanner sanitization is being performed as often as necessary. If local health authorities or local DHL management have instructed the use of masks and/or gloves, then they will be used as instructed. We are also advising couriers who share vehicles that keys, locks and vehicle controls that are touched by hand also be sanitized.

  • According to the WHO and the Robert Koch Institute, there is no conclusive evidence that an infection with any type of coronavirus is possible through contact with objects or packages, including those arriving from areas where cases have been reported. In addition, we are encouraging our workers and couriers to sanitize regularly and after each customer contact.

  • Our operating procedures and precautionary measures are based on the recommendations and protocols of official authorities, both international organizations and local country health authority advisories, whichever sets the strictest rules.

    Aligned with World Health Organization (WHO) and Robert Koch Institute, we recommend good hygiene habits, correct coughing etiquette and keeping social distance. For regions and operational sites with confirmed or suspected Covid-19 cases, we coordinate our procedures with the relevant health authorities and follow the recommendations of the official health advisories. 

  • Deutsche Post DHL Group continues to fill vacancies according to demand. Maintaining supply chains and delivering letters and parcels is essential in the current situation to secure supplies in Germany. Our employees make an enormous contribution to this every day with their tireless efforts. The application process at Deutsche Post DHL Group has basically not changed.

    We are currently increasingly conducting virtual job interviews and have had very positive experiences with them. We are adapting the induction of new colleagues to the current situation depending on their job profile.

Shipping International and Domestic

Warehousing and Contract Logistics

  • We continue to work with our customers to secure capacity and operations, monitoring the situation both globally and locally to ensure we respond to guidance from worldwide Health Authority advisories and comply with any requirements set out by Government bodies worldwide.

    All sites are reviewing Business Continuity Plans, including pandemic operating plans, and implementing preventive actions including split-shifts and/or alternative site working, working from home and body temperature screening.

    All sites have implemented social distancing measures, enhanced hygiene and more robust cleaning processes. Face to face meetings have been replaced by virtual meetings.

  • An operation of our size is well prepared to move and scale resource to adapt to dynamic situations. All our divisions are mobilizing their respective Business Continuity Plans, including pandemic operating plans, and implementing preventive actions as appropriate. These include daily updates to reduce exposure to and transmission of the coronavirus, self-quarantine precautionary measures in line with official authorities’ guidance, flexible working schedules, and a travel ban.

  • In line with regional government and health authority advice, visitors are being restricted, controlled and even prohibited. This includes visits from customers, suppliers and colleagues who are normally based at other sites.

  • Wherever possible, advanced route planning allows us to identify vehicles/drivers arriving from cross border locations and to implement protocols to minimize cross border driver contact such as drop trailer and driver loading/unloading segregation. Such measures are implemented on a site basis according to specific geographic circumstances.

  • Our offices, facilities and sites will remain open and operational to support our customers subject to the instruction of local authorities.

    We contact customers directly to advise where facilities may need to close to support local authority requirements. Please speak to your usual customer services contact for details of specific sites.

For more information, we recommend to visit WHO’s Q&A on coronaviruses (Covid-19), the CDC’s FAQ and the Robert Koch Institute’s Q&A (German only) on the issue.

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