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Transporting Your Liquid Goods

DHL Flexitanks

Transportation of Bulk Liquids

An environmentally-friendly solution for the transportation of bulk non-hazardous liquids. The single- or multi-layer bladders are designed to fit into a 20-foot standard ocean container, effectively turning it into the equivalent of an ISO tank.

  • A single or multi-layered bladder that holds up to 24,000 liters
  • Fits into a standard 20ft ocean freight container
  • For non-hazardous liquids
  • An excellent alternative to ISO tanks, IBC totes and drums
  • Suitable for non-hazardous liquid Foods, Beverages, Chemicals & Mineral Oils 
  • Up to 31% increased volume for cargo transportation
  • Contaminant-free Flexitanks are manufactured using virgin films, preventing contamination of goods
  • No repositioning cost
  • Save money on loading and unloading

DHL Ocean Bulk

Move your bulk cargo safely & efficiently

An end-to-end transportation solution, including the design and in-house manufacturing of tailored equipment for your specific commodity. From Flexitanks to ISO tanks, discover the equipment diversity and service excellence of Ocean Bulk for your Foods, Beverages, Chemicals or Oils.

  • Enjoy the largest fleet of food-grade ISO tanks for all your non-hazardous liquids. No fear of food transport means no more worrying about contamination risks. We never carry anything but consumables in our 100% food-grade ISO tanks. We have full traceability and control over our ISO tanks and can tell you every product ever carried in them. ISO tank containers are reusable and have a robust design.

    • Insulated protective layer: Minimizes the impact of heat and temperature changes during transit
    • Heating options: Manage the temperature of your products that require heating or cooling during transit or prior to discharge
    • Traceability of each cargo: Connected by a global IT ISO tank management and record system to deliver on-time information
    • Trusted quality of cleaning: Operating in 100+ depots
    • Better suited to high-value cargo
  • We have them readily available worldwide and they can be reused and recycled. IBC's and drums are transported in our handpicked, inspected containers, suitable for food-grade products or industrial materials. If the need arises, you'll have our help to repack your bulk liquids into alternative formats, making onward delivery faster and easier.

    • Lightweight
    • Easily stackable
    • Perfect for moving different products at the same time
    • Better suited to small and medium cargo quantities
  • From 12 to 24 tons, convert any regular 20-ft or 40-ft container into food-grade equipment for your bulk commodities!
    We develop and manufacture tailor-made dry bulk liners in polyethylene or polypropylene. We also take care of recycling them in our own facilities.

    • Improved shipment payload: Compared to smaller packaging types (jumbo bags, IBCs). Eliminate and reduce the volume of packaging
    • Save time and money: Reduced manpower lowers time consumption. Going silo to silo eliminates warehouse. Liner design reduces product waste
    • Safe and hygienic: Lower risk of product contamination
    • Ideal to transport: Resins, flours, malt, non-hazardous, flowable dry products

Specialist Full-Container-Load Service Options

  • Providing the visibility you need.

    • Online tool providing enhanced shipment visibility
    • Data consolidation from multiple sources
    • Intelligent forecasting of milestones
    • Precise information: online platform that provides information from multiple sources with smart forecast and near-real time shipment status enabling you to take fast and proactive solutions
    • Better user experience: simple to use tool with no staff training or IT setup required
    • Reduces costs: ability to reduce costs improving end-to-end supply chain planning
  • DHL Ocean Secure uses container security devices that utilize mobile GSM networks to communicate and provide visibility on an online platform. It is a service element of DHL Ocean Direct FCL, providing visibility, security and flexibility to assure a reliable door-to-door shipment, improving transparency across trade lanes.

    • In-transit visibility: Monitoring of mission critical parameters and notification of remote users in case of exception
    • Container position: Tracking of whereabouts of the container during the trip through GSM and/or GPS
    • Container condition: Monitoring of several parameters for the container: temperature, humidity, light
    • Container integrity & security: Monitoring of container door opening with notification by e-mail, SMS or call
    • Container security devices mounted to the container to monitor the location and condition of cargo
    • Communication networks to transmit data from device/container to remote users via GSM
    • Visibility platform to track shipments close to real time and manage situations
  • DHL Ocean Plus offers customers a user-friendly interface, comprehensive & timely PO shipment data and accessible reports.

    • Manifest containers shipped quantities & packages down to PO & SKU level
    • Automated reports
    • Updates on estimated & actual milestones
    • Option of Ocean Live feature providing vessel location updates every hour
    • Intuitive quick search function
    • Easy access to standard reports
    • Reports can be exported and scheduled
    • One single portal providing shipment details gathered from multiple sources (supplier, carrier, terminal…)
    • Ability to drive cost saving though supply chain visibility
    • Simple to use

Are There Really Plenty More Fish in the Sea?

Speak to one of our Ocean Freight Experts and you'll soon realize that DHL can offer the most suitable solutions!