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Innovation is essential to healthcare. But with every medical breakthrough, new opportunities and logistical challenges present themselves. To keep ahead and provide our own solutions, we continually develop innovations that boost productivity and meet the sectors evolving needs.

Healthcare Supply Chains Are Changing

Resilience and flexibility within healthcare supply chains have never been more important. Alongside changes we’re seeing in how people engage with healthcare, it’s clear that the shape of healthcare logistics will change radically in the years to come. Follow the links below to discover how we’re enhancing our network with new approaches and technological innovations to deliver the next level of care to the world. 

Read Our Vaccine Delivery White Paper

In our white paper ‘Delivering Pandemic Resilience’, we’ve worked with McKinsey & Company as an analytics partner, on finding answers to some of the big supply chain questions for countries facing large-scale public health emergencies.
Our white paper talks about the scale of the challenge as people prepare to leap the next hurdles of COVID-19 vaccine logistics.

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Explore Our Logistics Trend Radar

Over the first two decades of this millennium, advancing technology, new business models, and dramatic shifts in customer behavior have reshaped the logistics industry as well as most other industries. In this interactive version of the Logistics Trend Radar, we invite you to explore 29 key trends and the innovations that can help you navigate the transformative changes to come.

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