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Case Studies

Explore real logistics case studies from the Life Sciences and Healthcare Sector.

Browse real-life examples showing how DHL supports life sciences and healthcare companies to innovate and meet ever-increasing customer expectations.

Air and Ocean Freight Services for Pharmaceutical Products

Discover how our unrivalled transportation network and in-transit monitoring ensure pharmaceutical products arrive in optimal condition.

Managed Temperature Controlled Freight

Customized Solution For High-value, Time-sensitive, Temperature-controlled Air And Ocean Shipments​

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Temperature Controlled Freight

Unmatched global network of resources and capabilities for the pharmaceuticals cold chain.

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Center of Excellence Management for Air and Ocean Freight

A tailored solution to globally manage pharma ocean and air freight shipments.

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Lead Logistics Partner (LLP) and Orchestration Services for Pharmaceutical Products

Discover how our LLP capabilities can streamline complex workflows, optimize inventories, and reduce costs.

Pharma Lead Logistics Partner

Visibility and active management of logistics service providers across the supply chain

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Warehousing and Value-Added Services for Pharmaceutical Products

Discover our added-value services to optimize supply chains for pharmaceutical products.

Pharma Warehousing and Value-Added Services

Warehousing and comprehensive services for pharmaceutical companies​

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Air and Ocean Freight Services for Medical Devices

Learn more about how our unrivalled transportation network and in-transit monitoring get medical devices to their destination in prime condition.

Forwarding Solution – Controlled Airfreight

Enabling the standardized, compliant air shipment of medical devices around the world​. Conforming to defined quality guidelines and regulations

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Forwarding Solution – Temperature Controlled

Enabling the standardized, compliant, temperature-controlled multimode shipment of reagents globally

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Warehousing and Service Logistics Services for Medical Devices

Discover our added-value services to optimise supply chains and warehousing for medical devices.

Device Final Mile

Bringing medical devices to the point of use on time every time, ensuring regulatory compliance, and handling returns​

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Medical Device Returns

Enabling the time-definite return of used, defective implants and surgical instruments for analysis and investigation​

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Service Logistics Network

Delivering parts on time for surgical capital equipment, diagnostic instruments, and imaging devices​

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Warehousing and Value-Added Services

Maintaining the highest warehousing standards for medical devices around the world​

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Express Shipment Services for Medical Devices

Our expedited and time-definite delivery options ensure end-user satisfaction. 

Medical Express

For the on-time, compliant pickup and delivery of small-size, sensitive life sciences shipments​

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Parcel Delivery

Ensuring reliable, cost-efficient e-commerce delivery for life sciences and healthcare items

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Same Day Delivery

Managing expedited ordering and the reliable, rapid shipment and delivery of medical devices and spare parts​

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Time Definite Express Delivery

Providing cost-effective, trackable domestic and international distribution of medical devices and consumables​

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Additional Services for Medical Devices

Read more about our specialized services, tailored for medical devices customers.

Inventory Optimization and Planning​

In-depth analytics and life sciences expertise to solve complex supply chain challenges for medical device manufacturers​

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Swap Solution For Insulin Pumps​

Reliable, compliant, and patient-centric insulin pump delivery and exchange on a regular basis and for emergencies​

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Demo Logistics For Diagnostics Equipment

Safe, compliant delivery and return of demonstration units, including stakeholder coordination and device decontamination​

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Clinical Trials Services and Solutions

Find out how our specialized services are ensuring the integrity of clinical trials.

IMP Storage and Distribution

Dependable logistics for clinical trials, providing end-to-end visibility for time- and temperature-sensitive products, ensuring trust and reliability

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Sample Logistics

Delivery of time sensitive clinical trial biological samples within strict viability timelines

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Direct To And From Patient

Increasing access to clinical trials with on-time, compliant home delivery and pickup of clinical materials and samples

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Customs Management Control Tower

Combining country-specific expertise with global capabilities to manage and optimize all customs clearance procedures globally

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