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Meeting Customer Demand

Today’s consumers expect a vast array of products to be constantly available in local stores and online – at the right time and at the right price. DHL makes this possible through services that maximize the efficiency, agility and sustainability of global supply chains.

  • Consumer companies are always looking to remove costs from their supply chains. Their goals are typically focused on doing more with less, making their operations capital light, and increasing network flexibility in order to meet ever changing market demands. DHL helps companies achieve these aims with automated solutions that raise output and labor management systems (LMS) that lower staff costs. We also offer market-leading capacity and experience in designing networks.

  • Pressure from governments and consumers for improved sustainability has led to increasing demands for green products that are easily accessible, contained within sustainable packaging and transported in the greenest way possible. This means consumer goods companies must now look at the environmental, as well as financial, costs of their supply chains. DHL is equipped with systems and processes for end-to-end monitoring, tracking and reduction of emissions. Our environmental solutions, along with our shared warehousing and transport resources, are designed to reduce operating costs as well as carbon footprints and waste.

  • Rising prices for fuel and raw materials are adding to the expense of consumer goods by making manufacturing and transport more expensive. DHL counters these increases though improved supply chain efficiency. One of our key approaches is to help coordinate horizontal collaboration between partners, particularly in transportation. By helping companies to harmonize logistics activities, and to share vehicle and warehouse capacity, we enhance asset utilization which reduces both costs and carbon emissions.

Consumer Durables

There are DHL Supply Chain solutions for every consumer durable product type to help companies extend their global reach and maximize cost efficiency.

  • The growth in online sales and direct-to-customer distribution has created a proliferation of channels, resulting in cost-to-serve impacts and a need for trade customization. DHL can meet the challenge with flexibility in capacity and in cost structures. For example, our transportation services offer dedicated or shared facilities and a variety of over the road options. We can also improve cost efficiency with our comprehensive packaging services, covering everything from design to delivery, and we can co-locate these within your distribution center. In this way we significantly reduce lead times, from inbound receipt of goods to the retail shelf. 

  • To achieve scale and efficiencies, and particularly to meet the growing demand from new consumers in emerging markets, fulfillment models are becoming more global. With our global network and reach, DHL is ideally placed to manage change across entire supply chains as a lead logistics provider. What’s more, we ensure the same operational excellence and standardization, along with quality management processes, in every part of the chain. Whether a site is nearshore or offshore, we can help to manage it safely, effectively and productively through our range of in-plant services. Our "right-shoring" expertise – finding the ideal blend between nearshoring and offshoring operations – allows consumer goods suppliers to extend their global reach in the most profitable way possible.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Increasingly demanding consumers and complex distribution channels are a recipe for major expense, which DHL counters with improvements in efficiency.

  • Today’s multi-channel distribution strategies answer the consumer’s demand for fast order and product fulfillment. To maximize the benefits, consumer goods companies can turn to DHL and our end-to-end, integrated supply chain management services. With greater visibility and control we are able to help bridge the gap between sales planning and operational processes, improving forecasting, and streamlining inventory. Our range of support includes campus solutions, in which we can operate dedicated warehouses or arrange for customers to share space, and the integration of primary and secondary packaging to add value for the retailer and consumer.

  • Consumers now expect to receive everything they could possibly want or need, from local stores and online, whenever they want it, at an attractive price. DHL offers a range of solutions to provide consumer goods companies with the speed and efficiency they need to meet these demands. An important element of our approach is cross-docking, which minimizes inventory stored at the warehouse – and the costs associated with it – by moving materials directly from incoming to outbound vehicles. This reduces warehouse real-estate costs and shortens delivery times. Outsourcing your cross-dock operations to DHL also takes full advantage of our advanced warehousing and transportation systems, which deliver additional efficiency gains.


DHL efficiency can be relied upon to protect products, reduce operating costs and meet environmental obligations.

  • The need for efficient transport and effective heat protection for perishable goods is intensifying. A particular concern is that shelf life should be maximized by delivering products quickly and in perfect condition. DHL meets these requirements with smart logistics solutions and the latest in refrigerated storage and transport technology. We are fully equipped to handle frozen, chilled and ambient loads.

  • In addition to consumer demand for environmental care, companies are under regulatory pressure to meet sustainability criteria. Envirosolutions is a key element of the response from DHL. We design and manage end-to-end waste recycling solutions, integrated with existing logistics flows, to reduce both costs and environmental impacts. In particular, our management of suppliers and data ensures compliance with local and other regulations in an efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly way.

  • In addition to protecting food from spoilage and tampering, there is a growing need to make its contents clear – including specification of any GMO (genetically modified organism) constituents. These considerations are especially important when food is exported. Each country has its own regulations in relation to what is considered GMO, what details need to be displayed – such as ingredients and calorific values – and in what languages. As well as providing high levels of security, DHL offers custom packaging and labelling to meet the demands of each export market.

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