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Offering the best mix of mechanized automation, collaborative robots and human labor to drive supply chain efficiencies

With increasing demand for fast adaptation to market conditions and consumer needs, combined with labor shortages, we are focused more than ever on bringing supply chain innovations and key technologies to drive efficiencies in a wider number of supply chain operations. 

Experience Innovation

Meet our state-of-the art DHL Supply Chain multi-client Technology Campus in Beringe

Accelerating the Pace of Transformation

The rise of e-commerce requirements (faster delivery, more SKUs, reduced order lines) combined with labor shortage across regions and sectors means fast adoption of technology and supply chain innovation is more necessary than ever.

Supply Chain Efficiency Through Innovation

The automation of a number of repetitive labor intensive and administrative tasks, across core logistics processes - from receiving / dispatch to materials handling (storage, picking and packing) to delivery - leads to a safer, less physically tiring and more satisfying work environment.

Impact on Customers

Transparent and Actionable Information

The physical environment is optimized utilizing data from our Warehouse and Transport Management Systems (WMS and TMS). Supply chain innovations in software optimization tools ensures all the supply chain data collected can be turned into actionable insights.

Services Available:
  • Track and Monitor
  • Future Planning