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A self-driving robot that automatically learns and shares the most efficient travel routes to maximize overall pick efficiency. The self-driving robot improves outbound picking productivity by moving autonomously to workers, reducing picker travel time.

    • Reduces order cycle time by up to 50%
    • Provides up to 2x picking productivity gain (eliminates picker travel time from picking to packing stations & enables hands-free picking)
    • Reduces picker training time by up to 80%
    • Creates flexibility within the warehouse environment (supplements staff to support growth & peak periods and supports growing requirements of eCommerce)
    • Requires WMS integration
    • Robot directed by WMS to the right picking location
    • Replaces picking carts in a each picking environment
    • Navigation recommending optimized path
    • Operating profile: e-commerce, wholesale, replenishment, all each picking
    • Picking profile: Discreet order, multi-order batch, multi-order/multi-bin, singles 54.4kg (120lbs)
    • Product type: Generally conveyable products and orders 54.4kg (120lbs)
    • Order profile: No limits – generally mixed profiles work best. Avoid high percentage 70-100 single line/unit orders or extremely high units across a small number of SKUs (<100 SKUs)
    • SKU Profile: >500 SKUs (1000’s preferred)
    • Volume profile: Picking >1M units per year
    • Space profile: Picking Area > 2,322 sq.m. (25,000 sq.ft)
    • Aisle width needs to be min. of 1.5m (5 ft) for ideal operation

What else can the automated self driving robot do?

Retrieves orders from WMS, travels to pick location, where warehouse associate locates item and drops it into tote. Robot moves to next pick and transports completed orders to the pack area.

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