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Data: The Differentiator In Logistics Transport

Supply chain transport is a powerful source of data – and with customers expecting to know everything about the progress of their orders, it can deliver that visibility. But with the right partner it can also deliver much more – from improvements in safety and efficiency to predictive capabilities.

Today, whether as consumers or in business, the days of waiting around for a delivery that could come at any time, are largely at an end. We’ve become used to being able to check the status of a delivery on our smartphones, almost down to the minute that we can expect a knock at the door.

In the post-Covid era, where online sales have accelerated even further, that kind of real-time visibility is now a general expectation – and is a key factor in customer satisfaction in a business-tobusiness environment too. The ability to Track & Trace and access real-time data on shipments has become essential, as mistakes can be costly.

The pandemic has amplified even further the need for robust and resilient transport networks that provide a high level of reliability and visibility.