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Digitalization Improves Recruitment & Retention Globally

From the first contact between DHL Supply Chain and a potential employee, we seek to build long-term relationships. We use today’s technological advances in HR not only for efficiently finding and hiring suitable candidates but also to help maintain bonds. 

Our extensive warehousing and logistics operations require high-volume recruitment across multiple geographies and markets worldwide. Much attention is focused on frontline workers and their immediate supervisors, who make up around 85% of our workforce.

Frontline Challenges

We must respond to seasonal activity peaks and valleys in some industry sectors, along with sudden spikes in demand as new customers come on board. AI and analytics developments have been crucial in boosting recruitment speed and economy, improving selection quality and ensuring the best possible start to each employee’s journey with the company.

For DHL frontline staff, pre-existing knowledge requirements are relatively basic. Much more important is how candidates’ personalities fit with the organization’s culture of customer service and dedication. In line with the recruitment tech world’s increasing emphasis on soft skills, our assessments especially target qualities relevant to good teamwork.