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Environmental Sustainability that Pays off

Sustainable logistics solutions that reduce the environmental impact of your supply chain can help you achieve your ESG targets – but they can come at a shortterm cost. We look at three examples of sustainable solutions that promise long-term gain.

Despite its complexities and challenges, sustainability is a must to future-proof businesses and their supply chains. Consumers increasingly demand sustainable products and services, even amid the looming threat of economic recession. Governments and regulators continue to put forward more legislation related to sustainability, from efforts to curb emissions to how industries ensure human rights along the supply chain. And while investors often worry about the trade-off of implementing more sustainable practices against short-term returns, they also recognize sustainability as a nonnegotiable requirement to ensure the long-term viability of their investments. 


Not only do businesses need to approach their sustainability strategy through tangible action, visibility and continuous improvement of their direct operations, but they must also consider upstream and downstream operations within their supply chain. The most recent Global CPD Supply Chain report estimates there are 11.4 times more emissions in a company’s supply chain than in its own direct operations¹. Therefore, alignment with partners who can further the business’ sustainability ambitions along the supply chain is a critical success factor. One KPMG supply chain trends report predicts that regulators and other important stakeholders will likely demand more focus on scope 3 emissions² – the indirect emissions from the transport of products, usage of sold products and product disposal – in 2023.