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Why visibility and transparency matter in realizing your sustainability ambitions

Visibility and transparency of sustainable logistics operations can enable greater alignment with partners, deliver successful roadmap execution and drive continuous improvement to achieve even bigger goals.

In the days when sustainability was simply a buzzword, “environmentally friendly” initiatives could focus mainly on projects outside the direct scope of an organization’s core business. From protecting natural habitats to adding a green option to the product portfolio, businesses had a free shot at worthy causes to pursuethat demonstrated their environmental commitment.

But as climate science evolved – and the environmental impact of industry became more evident – the world realized that supporting worthy causes was no longer enough to address the devastating effects of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. For businesses, it meant looking inwards to better understand carbon emissions in their operations and work on concrete initiatives to curb them. Today, as more organizations aspire to a net zero goal, the focus has expanded toward the end-toend supply chain and the question of how best to collaborate with the extended ecosystem of partners to tackle these emissions.