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How Is The Role Of The Driver Changing?

Logistics, once perhaps only of passing interest to those outside of the industry, has recently been thrust firmly into the public consciousness.

The pandemic and its associated effects, such as empty supermarket shelves or a global semiconductor shortage impacting everything from PlayStations to Porsches, has made us all aware of how robust or fragile supply chains can be.

And while the pandemic greatly exacerbated the issue, drivers shortages have plagued the industry globally for many years before the emergence of COVID-19.

One of the main reasons for this is a lack of new recruits entering the profession. Potential new drivers may be put off by preconceptions around working conditions and the expectations of the job, while even experienced drivers may not fully appreciate the scope of opportunities available to them within the role.

DHL Supply Chain has thousands of drivers around the world, transporting a huge range of goods and carrying out roles as diverse as the regions in which we operate. Here, we look at why driving in 2022 and beyond is more than using a diesel truck to haul boxes from point A to point B.