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Planning Future-ready Logistics Real Estate

This playbook explores some of the challenges our customers encounter, and the choices that need to be made, when developing a logistics real estate strategy. By focusing on these issues your supply chain real estate can help to drive your business growth.

Demand for logistics real estate is at a record high.

Demand for logistics real estate is at a record high. According to real estate specialists JLL - who attribute this to “permanent structural change of supply chains and more goods coming through the consumer front door via e-commerce” - the logistics sector represented nearly a quarter of all commercial real estate investment in 2021.1

With interest rates on an upward trajectory, and in such a booming, fast-moving market - where vacant space only stays on the market for 4-6 months - there is pressure on businesses to act quickly, while making the right real estate decisions so that they can achieve growth.

Is there a suitably skilled workforce readily available near the location?

Do you know the local demographics and employment statistics?
What are the typical local wage expectations?
Could there be opportunities to share labor and training with nearby facilities?
Will you be in competition with other local employers for supply chain talent?