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Sustainable Transport: As Much About People Power as Technology

Buy anything online, and it’s almost certain that road transportation will play some part in delivering it to you.

Similarly, wherever you are in the world, drive along any major road and note the volume of logistics lorries and vans you’ll pass.

Put the two things together and it’s not hard to see why supply chain transportation has a big role to play in efforts to cut carbon emissions.

In fact, the logistics industry is second only to the energy sector in the power it has to curb the advances of climate change – a tricky challenge given the often vast distances that separate goods fromwhere they are made to where they are delivered, and consumers’ increasing reliance on e-commerce.

Decarbonization investment

Tackling a huge challenge such as decarbonization requires huge investment. At DHL, we are investing a total of 7 billion euros over the next ten years in measures to reduce CO2e emissions. This includes the expansion of our zero-emission e-vehicle fleet to 60% for the last mile as well as increasing the use of sustainable fuels in line-haul operations to cover more than a third by 2030.