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Sustainable Transport = People Power and Technology

Technology and data will be game changers in reducing road transportation emissions – but ultimately it’s about the people who are helping to unlock their potential says Stephan Schablinski, VP Global GoGreen at DHL.

Buy anything online, and it’s almost certain that road transportation will play some part in delivering it to you.

Similarly, wherever you are in the world, drive along any major road and note the volume of logistics lorries and vans you’ll pass.

Put the two things together and it’s not hard to see why supply chain transportation has a big role to play in efforts to cut carbon emissions.

In fact, the logistics industry is second only to the energy sector in the power it has to curb the advances of climate change – a tricky challenge given the often vast distances that separate goods from where they are made to where they are delivered, and consumers’ increasing reliance on e-commerce.

With electric vehicles (EVs) becoming more commonplace on the world’s roads, electrification and other alternative drive trains and fuels will play a big role in creating more sustainable transportation, but it’s just one part of a sustainability approach that needs to be holistic.