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Service Logistics 

Maintain the functionality of your product during its useful lifetime with DHL Supply Chain

Wherever you work and whatever your industry, keeping the essential equipment functioning at all times is critical to your success as a business. DHL Service Logistics delivers the right product, to the right place, at the right time, so you never let your business or customers down.

The solution encompasses all supply chain activities performed to replace or maintain the functionality of a product during its useful lifetime. Leveraging our extensive experience, multiple capabilities, design tools and options, we create the perfect service logistics solution to deliver on your service promise, anytime, anywhere.

Powerful Network

Our powerful, fully integrated, global network of people and infrastructure serves you and your customers with a seamless experience, 24/7, 365 days a year, across more than 140 countries.

Full Visibility and Control

Our systems give both you and our control tower staff industry-leading real-time visibility, network control and fast data analytics, to manage and improve your global operations.


We make everything easier for you with globally standardized business processes – based on our Operational Standards Model (OSM) and carried out via our unified IT platform, SeLECT.


We are at the leading edge of innovating the service logistics supply chain – bringing you new ways of working and using the latest technology to enhance your customers’ experience.

Specific Services and Capabilities

Integrated Global Network Solution

Warehousing and transportation services that adapt to various replenishment, fulfillment and delivery scenarios

  • Tiered network solution of global, regional and local warehouses 
  • Smart service delivery models adapted to your needs
  • Classic same and next day delivery
  • Batch collection and drop-off, smart lockers, and remote stock management
Smart Service Logistics Platform

SeLECT is a unified global IT solution that simplifies operations and strengthens competitive advantage 

  • Modular and scalable – combining core off-the-shelf OMS and WMS with external modules for innovation
  • Reduces business risk, with full disaster resilience capability
  • Complete control and visibility of logistics operations via MySupplyChain
Dedicated Expertise

End-to-end network and solution management powered by dedicated experts

  • Global, regional and country call centers and client support services
  • Network performance management 
  • Centralized billing & invoicing (EU & EFTA)

Take a Look Inside Service Logistics

Service Logistics means delivering the right product to the right place at the right time. So whatever the service, it keeps running in a constantly changing world.

Go Deep on Service Logistics

From inventory management to innovation Knowledge Hub combines videos, case studies and articles on the latest most relevant topics for Service Logistics including:

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