DHL import services

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Importing shipments made easy

Trust DHL Express to import your shipments fast, from over 220 countries and territories in the world. This is more than any other express delivery company can offer. You can order an import from another country, to be delivered to your country or any other destination, by using our dedicated electronic shipping solution for imports. You will have one account number, one invoice in a single currency and a fixed price that means you know exactly what you will pay. What’s more, customers in, say, the USA can order an import from China not just to the USA, but to any other destinations as well – we call this a Third Country shipment.

There is no need for local brokers or forwarders to get involved in any part of the process. You are in full control, and able to manage all aspects of your imports in a very simple way.

You can also use your Import Express account for third-country movements (document and non-document shipments moving between two countries outside of the U.S., but billed in the U.S.).

Third-country movements save you time and money by eliminating the need for storage and additional steps in your supply chain, ultimately reducing time in transit. Plus, neither the shipper nor the consignee needs to have a DHL account number.


DHL Express Service and Rate Guide

For our extensive list of capabilities with associated rates, download the DHL Express Service and Rate Guide 

Certain restrictions apply. All DHL Express import services are subject to Terms and Conditions 

Money Back Guarantee