Undertaking the Mobility Challenge

There are numerous studies on Mobility and Innovation and the purpose of this document isn’t to offer yet another one! The eStory Business Initiative is an invitation to a place where the concept of ‘Impossible’ doesn’t exist.

Humans are infinitely resourceful. By working together intelligently, we can create truly great things - as big as we want them to be.

The Founding Partners of Formula E decided that the event would be a platform to boost sustainable innovations, a gateway to the cities of tomorrow and alternative transport. After the very first Formula E season in 2014-2015, this dream is already becoming a reality – and the best is yet to come.

Without fear or favor, we start the second Formula E season with a critical and (more importantly) enthusiastic attitude. You will find in here examples of innovations developed at Formula E, or for which Formula E is a fast-track to growth. The set up of such a race is in itself an exceptional event. Here we chose to focus on what is happening behind the scenes. As you will see, Formula E is (much) more than a race. Year after year, we will update this paper with new innovations and new exciting partnerships.

We are not documenting history, we are writing it... enthusiastically!

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