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Shifting demographics, technology advancement, digitalization, and the COVID-19 pandemic are greatly transforming work in the logistics industry. Humans working collaboratively with robots, flexible work systems, and continuous learning and upskilling will help businesses future-proof, stay competitive, and attract and retain the workforce – in spite of the current skilled labor shortage.

Building on findings from the last Logistics Trend Radar, DHL issued a global workforce survey that generated over 7,000 responses from logistics professionals early to mature in their careers for on-the-ground insight into the preferences, tools, environments, and expectations shaping the next decade to produce part one of the latest Trend Report.

Now, in part two, you’ll see how an automated and augmented future will shape the future, with technology reducing manual tasks and improving efficiencies along six segments of the supply chain. The report also outlines three levers of success for managing the large-scale change management influencing the digitalization of work, with key considerations and practical guidance for ensuring employees are drivers of change as they adopt newly created roles. Gain new insights and prepare for what’s next.

Explore the Trend Report


Busy professionals can now access the latest trend insights while on the go by listening to the Future of Work in Logistics Trend Report in audio format, available across a variety of preferred streaming platforms.

Read the Interactive Report

For those who prefer a more visual and interactive experience, reading the digital version of the Trend Report will feel most immersive. Users will engage with forward-thinking insights and research from DHL as they scroll through vibrant images, easy-to-understand charts and graphs, videos, and more.

Take Action

If you’re ready to start implementing digitalization initiatives in supply chains or across the workforce, the DHL Innovation Center can support you in identifying which future of work trends will have the greatest impact based on your unique challenges and objectives. Customers can request a tour or workshop for a deeper dive into the topic and to develop a roadmap to shape the future of work today.

Watch the Video

The future of work is here and experts agree there is no going back. So where should we begin? Watch this fireside chat with DHL thought leaders discussing this question and more for novel considerations related to augmenting work, skills-based talent infrastructure, leadership, and preparing for the continued digitalization of work.

Featuring panelists: Dr. Klaus Dohrmann, Vice President Innovation Europe & Trend Research, DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation; Meredith Wellard, Vice President Group Learning, Talent & HR Platform Management, DHL; and Anastasia Weinreis, Associate Partner, DHL Consulting.

Future of Work Interactive Report

The nature of the workplace, work culture, and workforce are evolving. DHL collected over 7,000 survey responses from logistics workers in supply chains from around the world to better understand worker needs and preferences for the upcoming decade. Gain new insights and prepare for what’s next.

Talk to an Expert

Jordan Toy

Innovation Project Manager
DHL Innovation Center, Troisdorf

Jordan Toy is an Innovation Project Manager. He merges his technical background with his passions for sustainability and human-centered design to drive projects from ideas to real-world pilots within logistics operations. His interests are multifaceted and span from robotics to quantum computing and from green energy to the future of work.

Jordan has over 6 years of experience in the logistics, transportation and civil engineering industries. He is based in the DHL Innovation Center in Troisdorf, Germany.

Jana Koch

Managing Director, Partner
DHL Consulting

Jana is Managing Director and Partner at DHL Consulting, leading the HR Practice Group and Future of Work Focus Topic. Jana was involved in many projects defining new work, ranging from how digitalization is impacting the workforce across all levels to how the “new normal” post-Covid will look like. She is regularly invited as a speaker to various events and formats and also played an integral part in defining new work concepts for DHL Consulting itself, including an award-winning redesign of the physical office.

Prior to her current role, Jana was Senior Vice President in one of DHL’s business units and hence combines future-looking HR thought leadership with real hands-on experience as a business owner.

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