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Setting the pace of Change

The auto-mobility industry is gaining traction in e-commerce. As online shopping gathers pace in all business areas, promising better prices, convenience, choice, and availability to consumers, there is huge potential for auto-mobility companies to leverage e-commerce. Should you be transitioning to direct online sales?

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DHL has been mastering e-commerce for years and today is global logistics partner to the world’s largest online retailers.

Seize the Opportunity

  • How fast are online sales growing? 56% by 2021 for auto parts alone.
  • What will e-commerce revenue look like? $51 billion by 2022 from aftermarket auto parts.
  • Will we be selling direct? 60% of spare parts available online are sold to end customers. 

Seamless Doorstep Delivery

Globally and locally, DHL has the strength and expertise to help you succeed. From digital facilitation and fulfilment through to cross-border delivery, along with efficiency in the last mile and returns, we’re ready to support your every need. 

Anyone. Anywhere. Any time.

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Evolving with e-commerce

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Battery Logistics

High complexity means you need a logistics partner at the cutting-edge of battery logistics.

Warehouse of the Future

Let's work together to create a better warehouse through the intelligent use of new technology.