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The energy industry is transforming in sophisticated ways, readying itself for the volatility of the market. Digitalization has been a primary driver of this transformation for a while, but what's different today is the pace of change, particularly now as we continue to work through the ravages of the pandemic.

In webcast #2 we take a closer look at digitalization from a supply chain operations perspective. We address opportunities for warehouse automation and digitalization, and you will also learn how dynamic route optimization can reduce costs and CO2 emissions for distribution and the last mile.

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DHL Supply Chain: Thijs Hulstman

Energy Webcast – Digitalization: Operations (Part 1) – Warehouse of the Future: Thijs Hulstman

Several factors drive the need for supply chain digitalization. There’s the current situation under COVID-19. And increasingly there are also rising customer expectations (more visibility and delivery time flexibility), labor shortages, and rapidly maturing digital opportunities.

In part 1 of this webcast series on Digitalization & Operations, Thijs Hulstman, Global IT Director at DHL Supply Chain, explains how supply chains can be optimized using robotics and automation. He deep dives into specific use cases relevant to the energy industry.

DHL Consulting: Patrick Heseler

Energy Webcast – Digitalization: Operations (Part 2) – DHL Consulting Case Study: Patrick Heseler

It is important to know how to set up the warehouse of the future and especially how to implement digitalization opportunities in existing warehouse environments.

Patrick Heseler, Senior Consultant at DHL Consulting, presents a use case of warehouse transformation by a global energy player. He describes the procedure from conducting a digitalization assessment of the existing processes, developing solutions, and ultimately transforming the facility from a fully manual to a semi-automated warehouse. Space utilization was optimized, safety increased, and future productivity achieved.

Greenplan: Clemens Beckmann & Florian Merget

Energy Webcast – Digitalization: Operations (Part 3) – Greenplan: Clemens Beckmann & Florian Merget

The digitalization of logistics operations goes far beyond implementing warehouse solutions. A central area is the usage of data to optimize processes and reduce costs, especially in last-mile operation. Greenplan, a DHL-powered tech startup, offers solutions for smart logistics in the B2B and B2C sector. Its cloud-based dynamic tour planning toolkit helps move goods in a highly efficient and clean way.

In the concluding part of this webcast series on Digitalization & Operations, Clemens Beckmann, CEO and Florian Merget, Head of Strategy and Business Development at Greenplan, provide an overview of the tool and its product features. They explain how Greenplan’s powerful algorithm can help companies in the energy industry optimize routes, save costs, and cut CO2 emissions.

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