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The energy industry is transforming in sophisticated ways, readying itself for the volatility of the market. Digitalization has been a primary driver of this transformation for a while, but what's different today is the pace of change, particularly now as we continue to work through the ravages of the pandemic.

In this webcast we will focus on digitalization and visibility within the supply chain. You will hear about three different digital platforms and how they are supporting companies to ultimately create competitive advantage.

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Markus Kückelhaus

Energy Webcast – Digitalization: Visibility (Part 1) – Introduction: Michael Wiedemann & Markus Kückelhaus

One of the most important enablers of the energy industry transformation is visibility along the supply chain. Visibility enhances efficiency and increases customer satisfaction, and can also drive cost out of the supply chain.

In this introductory part of the Visibility webcast series, DHL Energy Sector President Michael Wiedemann underlines the importance of supply chain visibility while Markus Kükelhaus, VP Innovation and Trend Research at DHL CSI, demonstrates the considerable scale of the digital opportunity and explains why the greatest potential lies precisely within the supply chain.

MyDHLi: Björn Müller

Energy Webcast – Digitalization: Visibility (Part 2) – MyDHLi: Björn Müller

Digitalization has the potential to ease and improve daily business, and achieves this simultaneously for shippers and freight forwarders. This is especially evident during unpredictable and challenging times such as those we are currently experiencing with COVID-19.

In Part 2 of the Visibility webcast series, Björn Müller, VP Digital Customer Interaction at DHL Global Forwarding, presents the recently launched myDHLi platform, a fully integrated, one-stop customer portal for digital logistics which enables superior service for full shipment visibility and control.

MySupplyChain: Rob Roberts

Energy Webcast – Digitalization: Visibility (Part 3) – MySupplyChain: Rob Roberts

One of the key problems experienced by businesses in all fields is the use of many different types of website and multiple URLs, along with different usernames and passwords. MySupplyChain solves this complexity by providing a single point of access to DHL Supply Chain services. All that’s required is a single sign-on to access warehouse and transportation insights.

Rob Roberts, Global IT Product Manager, Sales & Marketing at DHL Supply Chain explains what MySupplyChain does and how it enables you to access track & trace, inventory, reports, dashboards, operational performance, customer service, and more.

Resilience360: Sara Alkawari

Energy Webcast – Digitalization: Visibility (Part 4) – Resilience360: Sara Alkawari

The large number of remote locations in the energy industry increases risk, particularly in the supply chain. As with other businesses, energy companies face the risk of customs delays, port congestion, and bad weather. DHL Resilience360, an innovative supply chain risk management software platform, helps businesses predict, assess, and mitigate these risks of supply chain disruption.

In the concluding part of this Visibility webcast series Sara Alkawari, Risk Intelligence Analyst at DHL ResilienceR360, introduces the platform and its modules. She also discusses selected customer use cases emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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