A "Meet, No Greet" With Up-and-Coming Innovators Solving the Biggest Supply Chain Challenges

22 APRIL 2021 | 13:00 - 14:30 CST

Though the pace of disruption is moving as fast as ever, the right startup partners can help you quickly close business gaps, ramp up capabilities and scale new solutions without exhausting the same resources it would require to develop from scratch in-house.

The DHL Innovation Center fosters an open innovation approach to connecting and collaborating with customers and strategic partners to accomplish a future-ready supply chain and shape the next generation of logistics. Now you can tap into our powerhouse network of startups with the potential to accelerate your vision. 

Join us for an interactive dialog with up-and-coming startups who are busy addressing the most pressing supply chain issues, from sustainability to automation, health and safety and more. You'll learn how to get started with a pilot and connect with peers facing similar challenges.


Juan C Hurtado, JrJuan C Hurtado, Jr

Innovation Engagement Manager, DHL Americas Innovation Center, Chicago, United States

Megan WolskiMegan Wolski

Innovation Engagement Manager, DHL, United States


Gina ChungGina Chung

Vice President and Head of DHL Americas Innovation Center, United States

Michiel VosMichiel Vos

Chief Technology Officer of CocoPallet International

Sascha KaczmarekSascha Kaczmarek

Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of MotionMiners GmbH

Joe WelshJoe Welsh

Chief Commercial Officer, Outrider

Ignacio GalianaIgnacio Galiana

Chief Executive Officer, Verve Motion

Brian KrejcarekBrian Krejcarek

Chief Executive Officer, Reelables

  • Juan is a logistics and supply chains professional with 6+ years of experience within DHL.

    Currently, Juan is an Innovation Engagement Manager at DHL’s Americas Innovation Center: a purpose-built platform to engage customers, startups, and industries on the future of logistics. Juan manages a multitude of projects focused on Life Sciences & Healthcare, Manufacturing & Engineering and Auto mobility sectors, both in the US and Latin America.

    Prior to this role, Juan spent 5 years managing a variety of business operations for DHL Global Forwarding.

    Juan was born and raised in Chicago, attended Benedictine University and served in the United States Marine Corps. Born to parents from Latin America, he has donated his time and efforts to support the Hispanic Community in Chicago.

  • Megan has over ten years experience in global supply chain and logistics operations.

    Today she works for DHL’s Americas Innovation Center: a purpose-built platform to engage customers, startups, and industries on the future of logistics. Megan works with customers to discover opportunities for digitalization within their supply chains and connects them with the right experts to accomplish their goals.

    Throughout Megan’s career, she has touched multiple areas within in the supply chain, from finished goods deployment and allocation strategy, to increasing velocity on retail shelves and working with technology teams to build software for logistics companies.

    Megan is based in Chicago and holds two degrees from The Pennsylvania State University and Georgia Southern University.

  • Gina is a global innovation leader with 7+ years of experience in the digital transformation of logistics and supply chains.

    Today she is responsible for DHL’s Americas Innovation Center: a purpose-built platform to engage customers, startups, and industries on the future of logistics. Gina manages a portfolio of projects focused on the rapid testing and adoption of technologies such as collaborative robotics and artificial intelligence across logistics operations.

    Prior to this role, Gina spent 6 years in Germany and shaped DHL’s trend research series including co-authoring publications such as IoT in Logistics together with Cisco and the industry-acclaimed Logistics Trend Radar.

    Gina is based in Chicago and holds two degrees from the University of Auckland.

  • Michiel Vos, Chief Technology Officer of CocoPallet International. Michiel is a serial entrepreneur specialized in Bio-Based Products and the Founder of CocoPallet.

    Michiel has set up businesses in Europe, The Caribbean and Asia. Making the impossible possible is a skill he learned during his time in the army and managing a construction company in the Caribbean. 

    His role within CocoPallet revolves around sourcing, supply chain, operations and technology, as well as being the creative and social force within the team. 

    Michiel believes that inclusion, diversity, creativity and joy are enormous powers that help entrepreneurs and their teams to leverage positive change in the whole value chain.

  • M.Sc. Sascha Kaczmarek studied logistics at TU Dortmund University from 2007 to 2012. From October 2012 to December 2015, he worked as a research associate at the Chair of Materials Handling and Warehousing in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at TU Dortmund University. 

    In addition to lecturing in the field of material flow calculation and picking and sorting systems and conducting research projects, he worked in close cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics IML on various planning and process optimisation projects for customers such as Esprit, Siemens and the Deutsche Bundesbank. 

    From January 2016 to April 2017, he worked as a process engineer at Vanderlande Industries in Mönchengladbach. There, he was responsible for performance reporting, process transition support, performance improvement and continuous improvement. 

    In his work, he led projects at Zalando, Edeka, Oslo Airport, FedEx (China) and HutGroup (England). In 2017, he founded MotionMiners GmbH, as a spin-off of the Fraunhofer IML, together with Dr Sascha Feldhorst and Dr René Grzeszick and has since been COO and responsible for sales and projects.

  • As Chief Commercial Officer, Joe leads the Sales, Professional Services, and Customer Operations teams. He is responsible for the successful deployments of Outrider’s yard automation system from the pilot stage to scaled operations. Before joining Outrider, Joe served as the Chief Operating Officer for US Government embassies in Oslo, Norway, and Lome, Togo, where he managed hundreds of employees across all logistics and business functions. 

    For his integrity and leadership in this role, Joe was honored as a finalist for US Operations Officer of the year and awarded multiple Meritorious Honors awards. Joe also served in key leadership positions at IBM, leading teams that implemented complex technology solutions for logistics and shipping customers.

     Joe holds a BA degree in Communications from the University of California San Diego and an MBA degree from the University of California Los Angeles Anderson School of Business. In his spare time, Joe enjoys coaching and officiating USA National and high school water polo.

  • Ignacio Galiana is the CEO of Verve Motion, a company commercializing lightweight wearable systems that can be worn all-day, every-day to energize and protect associates across multiple industries.

    Prior to Verve, Dr. Galiana was a program manager at the Wyss Institute at Harvard University leading wearable robotic programs. While at Harvard, he was the technical lead for the Harvard team under the DARPA Warrior Web program developing soft exosuits to augment human performance.

    Galiana received his Ph.D. in Automation and Control from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid in 2013. During his Ph.D. he received multiple awards including the “best Ph.D. thesis in Europe on haptics” for his contributions to the design and control of haptic devices.

  • Brian Krejcarek is CEO at Reelables and leads research and development of the company’s hardware and thin-film printed Bluetooth electronics product lines.  His electrical engineering and firmware background includes over ten years working with wireless sensor based applications.  

    Previously, Brian founded two consumer electronics start-ups in Silicon Valley along with work helping to commercialise an RF energy harvesting technology in the UK.  An unwavering interest in building very low power (and low cost) wireless devices has culminated in his current venture with Reelables, marrying an enterprise SW platform to wireless labels to automate supply chains around the world.

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