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Press Release: WESTERVILLE, OH February 28, 2023

New application reduces load check-in/check-out time by up to 50%

DHL Supply Chain, the Americas leader in contract logistics and part of Deutsche Post DHL Group, today announced the launch of DHL Driver Self Service, a digital offering that reduces the time it takes for truck drivers to check in and out of facilities, driving greater operational efficiency and an improved driver experience.

DHL Driver Self Service fully automates the load check-in/check-out process. At select sites, both DHL and non-DHL drivers will be able to scan a QR code when passing the entry gate of a facility, which allows them to complete necessary paperwork using their mobile phones or tablets. Drivers are then assigned a dock door via text message and provided periodic updates on the status of the unloading/loading process, all without ever having to leave the comfort of their cab. For those drivers who require physical paperwork, the same process can be followed using an onsite kiosk.

“Our drivers are essential to the efficiency of our customers’ supply chains. We are committed to continually improving driver experience and quality of life,” said Jim Monkmeyer, President, Transportation, DHL Supply Chain North America. “As our industry continues to face a labor crunch, it’s more important than ever to deliver the technology advancements, like Driver Self Service, that attract and retain qualified talent and ensure we can place more drivers behind the wheel and keep supply chains running smoothly.”

Typical manual load check-in/check-out processes are primarily paper-based, labor intensive and high touch. They require drivers to exit their truck and have face-to-face interaction with security or warehouse personnel. There is also additional time required to verify and document the process. For those locations currently utilizing DHL Driver Self Service, load check-in and check-out times have decreased by 50%.

The application also includes additional safety, security and sustainability benefits. It more accurately captures driver’s license and equipment information and tracks power unit details for carbon emission reporting.

“Across our organization we continue to explore ways to accelerate our digitalization efforts to drive greater value for our customers and our business,” said Monkmeyer. “Incorporating new services and technologies for our drivers is just one of many examples of how we’re continuously innovating to maintain operational excellence and ensure we remain the employer of choice for supply chain and logistics talent.”

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