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DHL Supply Chain Partners With Robust.AI to Drive the Future of Warehouse Automation

Press Release: WESTERVILLE, OHIO (February 1, 2024)

DHL Supply Chain, the global leader in contract logistics, announced a new partnership with cutting-edge robotics firm Robust.AI to develop and deploy an innovative fleet of warehouse robots. The strategic alliance leverages DHL Supply Chain's deep understanding of logistics challenges and proven track record in implementing automated solutions and Robust.AI's expertise in artificial intelligence and advanced robotics.  The companies will first focus on piloting and deploying 'Carter,' a collaborative mobile robot that provides flexible warehouse material handling automation.   

"At DHL Supply Chain, we're constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible in logistics," said Sally Miller, chief information officer and global digital transformation officer, DHL Supply Chain. "Partnering with Robust.AI, a pioneer in AI-powered robotics, allows us to continue redefining what's possible within the four walls of the warehouse. This partnership will help us to create a smarter, safer, and more reliable supply chain one intelligent robot at a time." 

“DHL Supply Chain has been an incredible partner. As the industry leader, their analytics and logistics expertise are unparalleled and have helped us refine our product workflows and AI,” says Anthony Jules, CEO & co-founder of Robust.AI. "Working cooperatively, our teams have demonstrated meaningful productivity increases in the warehouse. DHL Supply Chain and Robust.AI share a vision that is centered around people. At Robust.AI, we build robots and AI that amplify and augment workers’ abilities, and we are grateful to have a partner at massive scale who shares our drive for marrying increased efficiency with an elevated employee experience.”

The pilot for Carter is underway at a DHL Supply Chain warehouse, and initial deployment is planned for later this year. The robot will be able to handle a wide range of tasks, starting with optimizing the picking process. Using AI technology, Carter will enhance efficiency as the solution can learn and adapt to real-time warehouse conditions, optimizing workflows and maximizing productivity. Carter's embedded sensors and AI capabilities will also generate valuable data to optimize warehouse layouts, staffing, and inventory management. 

Carter will join DHL Supply Chain's formidable list of robotic solutions, including a robotic arm developed for carton unloading of trucks, automated guided vehicles such as their autonomous forklift, and a variety of autonomous mobile robots that assist with picking and moving cartons around the warehouse.