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Taking a Front Seat in the Reinvention of Supply Chains

Since supply chain has become a household term, the beating heart of industry is coming of age. The 2021 Gartner Future of Supply Chain Survey1 tells us that ‘supply chains are on the precipice of revolutionary transformations demanded by their current and future customers and staff, as well as their CEOs’ . According to the survey there are four distinct reinventions taking place.

These four reinventions mean supply chain employees will enjoy a career based on their preferences; with the skills needed to efficiently operate today’s supply chains; they will work for a truly ethical company – one that has a strong focus on environmental, social and governance at its core - and underpin commercial innovation. These have become the expectations of today’s candidates when choosing the type of organization to build their career with … and they sit at the heart of the supply chain reinvention.

Finding the skills to manage robots and data

Advancing the automation and digitalization of supply chains are themes dominating industry headlines and providing abundant opportunities. For example, roles being advertised include apprentices to support warehouse automation.