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The global clinical trials market is undergoing transformational changes driven by shifting product portfolios, patient diversity, decentralized clinical trials, and sustainability. As a result, the number of clinical trials conducted in both developed and emerging countries by global pharmaceutical manufacturers is increasing rapidly. This is driving a shift toward a patient-centric approach in clinical trials amidst stringent regulatory compliance requirements.

Clinical Trials Special Report

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Delivering the Science of Tomorrow

In this white paper, we examine the vital role logistics play in this transformation, the impact future regulations will have on the pharma supply chain, reasons why there is a need for decentralized trials, and the benefits of implementing direct-to-patient delivery models.

This DHL report developed in collaboration with leading industry analyst Frost & Sullivan provides perspectives on how Contract Research Organizations (CRO’s) can achieve agility through collaboration and partnerships with key stakeholders in the pharmaceutical and logistics value chain.

Delivering Clinical Trials of the Future

The goal of this paper is to act as a catalyst for further collaboration between clinical research organizations, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and supply chain and Logistics providers. If the pandemic has taught us anything is the importance of capable end-to-end logistics that service every component throughout the clinical development supply chain, in order to support the future of clinical trials.

Patient Centric Delivery for Clinical Trials of the Future

An examination of how logistics can be the enabler of patient centricity in a transforming clinical trials industry.