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Day 1: The Future of Sustainable Mobility & Logistics

The industry as a whole is moving towards new levels of mobility, reflecting changes in regulations and customer preferences as well as ubiquitous digitalization. To turn trends into opportunities requires the right strategy. The supply chain is a critical enabler in this, and collaborating to pioneer solutions is essential for success.

  • Speaker: Gerd Leonhard

    While climate change is forcing companies and governments to invest €billions in mitigating measures, it will also create up to 100 million new jobs in all sectors related to sustainability. Listen to well-known futurist Gerd Leonhard as we transition from the quickly outmoding, single bottom line of PROFIT to what he calls call the quadruple bottom line: People, Planet, Purpose, and Prosperity (sustainable capitalism).

  • Connected, autonomous, shared, and electric mobility is around the corner and much has already been done by leading industry players to reposition their products and offerings and adapt their operational set-up. This new and transformed mobility value chain has different players, different customers, and also different logistics challenges. Lukas and Fathi will share the initial findings of their joint research (published in a white paper) and pick your brains to unveil a collective vision of our future business!

  • Florent Ménégaux, Michelin CEO will share his vision for a more sustainable Auto-Mobility industry and highlight initiatives Michelin is supporting together with other partners to reduce it’s environmental footprint.

  • Until now, no single company has been able to tackle alone the challenges relating to new and sustainable mobility development, providing a one-stop shop solution to clients. The future of mobility will, without doubt, be fostered by an ecosystem of companies joining forces to enable the mobility revolution. Join the discussion between our panelists who are already championing this industry transformation.

  • Listen to DHL experts describing opportunities and challenges linked to the expected increase in electric vehicle (EV) production. Understand the importance of battery logistics and the other changes that EVs bring to the supply chain. This teaser session on the topic introduces you to Fabio and Toby’s vision of tomorrow’s EV logistics set-up and potential innovative solutions.

Day 2: The Auto-Mobility Supply Chain Transformation in Crisis

At a time when auto-mobility supply chains are experiencing unprecedented disturbances, industry peer-to-peer exchange and collaboration are key. Flexibility and adaptability have always been critical to managing events beyond the control of logistics professionals, but today’s context is pushing  automotive, mobility, and logistics partners to collaborate in reaching the next level of supply chain resilience supported by digitalization.

  • Speaker: Gerd Leonhard

    Our world is being painfully and irreversibly rebooted by the COVID-19 crisis – and we are not ‘going back to normal’. To many of us, this crisis may feel quite devastating but Futurist Gerd Leonhard thinks it also creates a unique opportunity for what he calls ‘The Great Transformation’. Discover what will change in the auto-mobility industry and beyond!

  • Due to the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns around the world, stakeholders in the auto-mobility industry watched assembly lines stand still for too many weeks. As production gradually resumes, one may think that operations will quickly get back to normal. But the crisis will have long-lasting effects on global supply chains beyond those in auto-mobility. Oscar de Bok & Sabine Mueller will highlight key findings of DHL's new research on Auto-Mobility Supply Chains & the Pandemic.

  • Matthias Braun, Head of Digitalization and concept development at Volkswagen Group logistics will share the Volkswagen agenda when it comes to digitalize logistics operations and will comment on the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on his development priorities.

  • Much is being said about the profound changes that the auto-mobility industry will experience in the post-pandemic era and the ‘new normal’ we will have to get used to. But what if the main effect of recent events might be the acceleration of pre-existing trends? Our panelists, experts in the digital revolution, will explore this viewpoint. Supply chain digitalization is more relevant than ever before!

  • Check out the latest logistics and supply chain innovations offered by DHL. These have been  selected for relevance to the auto-mobility industry as well as for their potential to make supply chains more transparent and resilient.