Mexico: your guide to e-commerce’s best-kept secret

10 min read
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It may be home to the famous day of the dead festival, but in Mexico, e-commerce is very much alive and kicking. Along with Argentina and Brazil, the country is driving an exciting turning point for online shopping in Latin America – in fact, the region led the world in e-commerce sales growth last year1.

In Mexico alone, e-commerce revenue is forecast to reach $US53 billion by 20242. And there’s good news for international sellers – as the domestic e-commerce market is relatively underdeveloped, cross-border online spending is high. In fact, 67% of Mexican consumers have made a purchase from an international site3.

With conditions so ripe, what things should your business consider to make the most of the opportunity? Read on for a guide to Mexican consumers, from what products they want to how they like to pay.

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How to set up a business in Mexico's emerging economy

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