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Battery logistics are highly complex. Demand is surging but there’s a geographic mismatch between manufacturing and markets, as well as inconsistencies in global regulations. Along with societal and environmental challenges, it takes specialist expertise to transport lithiumion batteries. You really need a logistics partner at the cutting-edge of battery logistics.

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Perhaps it’s time to rethink your supply chain? DHL has been mastering battery logistics for years. We’ve optimized the supply chain for our own e-vehicles, and we’re the official logistics partner to the FIA Formula E Championship.

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  • How fast is the electric vehicle market growing? 25 million units by 2025.
  • What will new car sales look like? 55% electric vehicle share in 2040.
  • Is lithium-ion battery energy keeping pace? 6x growth in the next 10 years. 

Solutions for the Battery Lifecycle

From manufacturing to end of life, specialist logistics skills are essential for efficiency and safety. DHL enables every stage of battery logistics, linking raw materials suppliers to battery cell and pack makers, and electric vehicle manufacturing and aftersales to recycling and disposal. To know more about our end-to-end battery logistics solution, please contact us,

Transforming the Supply Chain

Click to join the e-mobility revolution! As lithium-ion batteries represent a brand new component, carmakers are busy transforming their supply chains. This brief presentation explains how to fuel e-mobility ambitions.

Three Things about Auto-Mobility Battery Logistics

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Three things everyone should know about electric vehicle battery logistics

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Evidence of expertise? Each year for the FIA Formula E Championship we move 450 tons of e-freight. We have even pioneered our own lithium-ion supply chain.

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