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Energy Supply Chains on the Pathway to Net Zero

Tomorrow’s energy system will be structured very differently from today’s fossil fuel-based approach. Demand for energy is expected to remain high and there will be a profound shift towards electrification. Power generation will move away from large, centralized fossil-fuel power plants to networks of smaller, widely distributed generating equipment for wind, solar, and other renewables. These changes will result in a dramatic increase in the volume and variety of logistics services required to deliver on the energy transition.

This webinar, was based on the new white paper ‘Logistics of the Energy Revolution’ co-authored by DHL and Capgemini Invent, examined how to build the energy system for a net-zero world, and why logistics will be a key enabler of the energy revolution.

Logistics of the Energy Revolution

Logistics has an ever-growing role to play, both enabling and supporting the energy revolution.

A key feature of this will be the need of advanced logistics capabilities, competencies, skills and experience at unprecedented scale in the energy sector.

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