DHL are a premier partner of the Magento platform. We offer several ways to integrate with the Magento 2 platform in both their Commerce and Open Source set ups.

Our DHL Shipping (offered by limited DHL divisions) extension allows you to: 

  • Retrieve shipping products
  • Print labels
  • Provide tracking information back to your customers

Our DHL Express Rates at Checkout extension allows you to: 

  • Display real-time shipping rates at checkout
  • Display the estimated delivery date at checkout (M2.2)
  • Customize shipping prices shown to your customers 

Our DHL Location Finder extension allows you to: 

  • Reduce the risk of failed deliveries due to false addresses
  • Have customers provide alternative delivery addresses
  • Offer delivery to Packstations, Post Offices and Parcelshops

DHL Express can also be found as part of the native installation. 

Implementation Checklist

To begin integrating DHL Shipping with your Magento store, simply follow these steps:

  1. Check the avalibility of your DHL service in your sender country (see below)
  2. If you haven't already, open a business accountby contacting us with your DHL Service
  3. Request API accessFrom DHL
  4. Install your Magento store
  5. Download and install the DHL extension that is right for you (see below)
  6. Configure your DHL extension in Magento

Division & Country Coverage

The ability to ship internationally, domestically or both varies by country. If you don't have a DHL account, our Account Representatives can help navigate the offerings in your country.