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A series of Podcasts discussing the future of Logistics and how new Innovation and Solutions are impacting the Supply Chain of Technology Companies.

Semiconductors - The Driving Force Behind Digitalization (Episode 6)

DHL Semiconductor Logistics

End-to-end suite of solutions for the semiconductor supply chain.

Semiconductors - The Driving Force Behind Digitalization

A discussion on how semiconductor technology is changing everyday life and the future of all industries.

Semiconductors seem to be everywhere these days. They are enabling the Internet of Things and they are powering our data centers. More and more of us are wearing watches and other devices with semiconductors that check our health, and many of us are talking to in-home systems that respond to our every request. Semiconductors are undoubtedly the driving force behind digitalization, but before these digital devices can be created, technology companies must move semiconductor materials from fabricators to production plants. And this is no simple matter. The semiconductor supply chain is highly demanding and highly fragile. Movements are time-critical. Handling must be safe and compliant. End-to-end visibility is essential. And there must be clear accountability in the semiconductor supply chain.

Together with Boris Finselberg, Vice President at the DHL Technology Sector and Lead for the Semiconductor Industry we talk about the Semiconductor industry and its challenges for logistics.

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