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For DHL Parcel UK shipments

If your parcel is being delivered by DHL Parcel UK and duty and taxes are payable you will receive an email from Trans Global Freight Management Ltd. This is the authorised customs clearance agent for DHL Parcel UK. 

  • The email will come from 
  • The subject will be Customs clearance for your parcels 
  • The email states who the sender of your parcel is and that your parcel has been shipped by DHL Parcel UK Ltd 
  • The email will detail the import duty, import VAT and the admin fee. The admin fee is charged to cover the costs incurred in processing the parcel through customs
  • There will be a secure payment link provided for you to make payment
  • The parcel can only be held for 14 days
  • Payment in full is required before the parcel can be released for delivery